Valid promotes new eSIM for Consumer solution that leverages on Strongbox functionalities for non-Telecom Applications

Valid is present at Mobile World Congress Las Vegas to showcase its new eSIM innovative solutions

MADRID, Sept. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Valid, the champion of interoperable eSIM services, launches the new version of its eSIM for Consumer solution that is ready to answer the industry incessant search for non-telecom applications that requires tamper resistance and proven security, with the support of Android Strongbox technology and also any embedded non-telecom application.

Valid promotes new eSIM for Consumer solution that leverages on Strongbox functionalities for non-Telecom Applications

This new eSIM for Consumer solution is based on Valid’s eSIM Operating System (OS), trademarked as mioSIM™ eSIM OS, and it is designed to help securely provision, identify, manage and connect devices to cellular networks, offering device makers (OEMs) the ability to embed the SIM card functionalities into their devices, adding a high-level of protection to them. The well-proven eSIM Operating System is also a key element on some of the most used secure microcontrollers in the world and as such allows to comply with the latest GSMA specifications

As a member of the Android Ready SE Alliance, Valid’s solution features a non-Telecom functionality because it is pre-loaded with the Strongbox applet. This applet eliminates the hassle of implementing a secure element on top of the eSIM, specially during the development of connected devices. In addition to that, this innovative solution offers OEMs the opportunity to increase the security level of their solution, by leveraging on Strongbox technology, and therefore unlocking new secure use cases and helping them capture new revenue opportunities by differentiating their own applications.

“Due to its disruptive ecosystem, maturity, seamless management, and Security Domain flexibility, the eSIM has become the element of convergence for many interested parties. Valid’s eSIM OS, featuring Strongbox, is transforming many platforms in the world into a Secure Element enabling innovative use cases outside Telecom, on top of the eSIM functionality.” said Bertrand MOUSSEL, Senior Vice-President of Marketing, Product & Strategy at Valid.

Valid is participating in this year’s Mobile World Congress LA exhibition showcasing and discussing its new eSIM solution. Visit Booth #W21304 on September 28September 30 to meet with a Valid representative.

More information about Valid’s mioSIM OS is available here.

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