VacLife 2022 New Release VL726 Pet Pro Handheld Vacuum Has Gained 3M Likes in the US

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FUZHOU, China, July 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The VL726 Pet Pro Handheld Vacuum was launched in 2022 as the newest version of the VacLife handheld vacuum line. In compliance with the vision to make life easy for everyone, the Innovator of Essential Power Tool, VacLife, is unwaveringly committed to implementing useful technologies into its product innovation to ensure that every customer would benefit to the utmost extent possible from the convenience that comes with using useful technologies.

Since the release of VL726, VacLife has engaged individuals from all walks of life to take part in the VacLife Product Trial Project in order to discover more about the cleaning jobs and the real-world application situations that VL726 can handle. Numerous content creators from Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are working on the initiative. Some of them are vacuum cleaner specialists, and some have millions of followers. Thanks to their honest testing, the VL726 has gained around 3 million views and likes on social media. They are the initial contribution to helping the rest unveil VL726, the promising VacLife new release.

VacLife VL726 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Have users ever been bothered by the hassle of full-sized vacuums when dealing with minor messes?  Full-sized vacuums are powerful, but their bulky sizes can make regular cleaning and storage difficult. If people live with a pet, they probably know that vacuuming is more of a daily necessity than a once-in-a-while deep clean. The lightweight and cordless VacLife VL726 Pet Hair Eraser would be a great solution to address stubborn pet hair embedded deep within carpets, carpeted stairs, and even car upholstery like a breeze when it comes to impressive suction powered by an upgraded motorized roller brush. Pet hair has met its match.

This vacuum is not only easy to maneuver, but it is also specifically designed to target pet hair. The VL726 handheld vacuum‘s powerful motor and detachable powerhead have proven to be extremely effective at sucking up fabric surfaces and even the most ground-in pet hair from carpets. It boasts a number of practical attachments, including a crevice nozzle and an upholstery brush, to precisely deal with various cleaning tasks. The crevice nozzle is fantastic for getting pet hair out of between couch cushions. Its thin and long tube design also allows the vacuum to reach into tight corners and along walls. When used in conjunction with a LED light, the VL726 stands out when cleaning dark spaces underneath the furniture. A small but significant investment ensures a pet hair-free life for the owner and their best furry friends. 

The compact VL726 weighs only 2.22 lb and measures 17.4 in length, making it ideal for those with limited storage space in their apartments. What about those who live in multi-story houses? Imagine struggling to dig out stubborn, embedded pet hair from carpeted stairs with a heavy vacuum cleaner. What a headache. The VacLife VL726 handheld vacuum cleaner is also capable of this situation. Despite its lightweight, the powerful motorized roller brush combined with the upholstery brush allows the VL726 to easily pick up all of the dirt, debris, and pet dander scattered around the stairs.

Not only did VacLife strive for excellent suction with a powerful motor and a powerhead. VacLife dived into every detail, from a dual-filtration system to a high-efficiency battery with a capacity of 2000mAh, to maximize the suction performance of the VL726. A version of the VacLife cordless handheld line with the most features to optimize suction while taking full advantage of the upgraded washable high-quality HEPA filter and an innovative prefilter to reduce the risk of suction loss due to dust blockage. Of course, battery indicators, an easy dust emptying process, and noise-free pet friendly cleaning are essential considerations for VacLife, which maintains a high standard of details throughout the product innovation process.

A great little helper for regular cleaning and small messes bothering anyone who is struggling with procrastination. Take it out from the tidy storage space, and maneuver the lightweight one like a breeze. Powerful suction with pet hair-targeted attachments, Cordless VacLife VL726 Pet Pro Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is unrestricted for home and car daily chores. Clean as an expert with ease. No one can refuse this effortless but productive moment.

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