UpDay builds all-in-one CRM for every modern business

TAIPEI, Aug. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — UpDay (www.upday.ai) is a new all-in-one CRM lets modern business to manage all customer data in one place. It simplifies user experience with consumer’s user interface designed for how people collaborate today, and provides rich functionalities that people need to delight customers.

UpDay builds all-in-one CRM for every modern business

The global SaaS market size is growing at a CAGR of 18.82% till 2030 to over $700 billion. CRM remains as the biggest category from within. UpDay believes that the mainstream CRM products nowadays are outdated, silo, and designed for how people work in the past. “We all prefer self-serving model now with simple setup, and at our own pace when it comes to digitization.” Co-founder and CTO Arnold Ng said.

Focusing on how businesses want to engage with their customers today, UpDay builds the new CRM with tools that help them to attract, nurture, acquire and retain customers. The market has proved that their vision is right. After 12 months of product iterations, UpDay acquired its first customer in May and they are now serving more than 50 B2B and B2C customers. There are also global major logistics & transportation company and world famous consumer product brands in their customer list.

“We want to challenge Salesforce and Hubspot for the CRM market.” Arnold said. When Salesforce and Hubspot designed their products, people behavior was totally different. For example, there were no such things as website chat, chat bot and omni-channel customer services that are the crucial part of the customer engagement and selling process.

UpDay lets people communicate with customers in popular channels such as website, Whatsapp, Line, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Users may nurture customers through these conversations that are built into the sales, customer service and marketing journey. With UpDay, users can manage all customer’s matters in one place. Users may send bulk messages with nicely designed template for renewal reminder, fast searching and self-defined view of customer information, review sales opportunities in various stages and Kanban view, focus on right deals or customer’s complaints with automated scoring and progress monitor. “It is simply all-in-one, easy to setup, and in a cost-effective way.” Arnold added.

The key driver of the product design is Arnold, who worked for Oracle R&D team for 20 years. Oracle’s Sibel CRM was once the market leader in this sector and named as the fastest growing company in US. Arnold said, “I saw how it was overtaken by other CRM that was designed for how people work in that past moment. Nowadays, these traditional CRM does not fit for current user’s expectation and is going to obsolete soon. Upday’s growth is product-driven, it is built for today and for the future.”