Upcoming UBBF 2022 Set to Delve into the Evolution to Ultra-Broadband 5.5G

BANGKOK, Oct. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — From October 27 to 28 this year, the 8th Ultra-Broadband Forum (UBBF) co-hosted by the UN Broadband Commission and Huawei will be held in Bangkok, Thailand. This forum will bring together global leading operators, industry leaders, regulators, standards organizations, industry alliances, and more, and focus on the theme of “Stride to Ultra-Broadband 5.5G”. It will thoroughly analyze the business opportunities that ultra-broadband networks bring to the digital development of homes and industries, and explore the evolution and innovation development directions of the fixed network industry for the next 5 to 10 years.

New Milestones in the Ultra-Broadband Industry

Currently, major 5G deployments can be seen in all industries, and applications such as smart home, smart campus, and smart factory are profoundly changing people’s work and life. As the most important digital infrastructure, ultra-broadband connections are vital to the digital development of homes and industries. Moreover, industries are now moving from 5G to 5.5G, and new digital applications have surging demands on connectivity, such as ubiquitous ultra-broadband, multiple clouds and diversified computing power, and high quality, driving home and enterprise connections to the 10G era. To achieve ultra-broadband 5.5G, network capabilities will be upgraded from carrier grade to industrial grade, more enterprises will move to the cloud and intelligently connect to multiple clouds, and service boundaries will extend beyond connectivity to sensing. The ultra-broadband 5.5G will achieve new milestones of the ultra-broadband industry, create business opportunities, and accelerate the journey to an intelligent world.

At UBBF 2022, Huawei will work with global industry partners to define the generations of the fixed network industry, analyze the DNA of business success, and boost further industry development.

Industry Leaders Gather for In-Depth Discussions on Ultra-Broadband 5.5G

During the two-day forum, more than 30 industry leaders from standards organizations, regulators, analyst organizations, and leading operators will gather in Bangkok, Thailand to delve deep into the development and business practices of the ultra-broadband industry.

During two keynote speeches, focusing on industry and business respectively, as well as three industry summits, all participants will come together to discuss and define the evolution directions and key technical standards of F5.5G and Net5.5G, and share insights into the huge market space and success stories brought by home and industry digitalization. They will also talk about the latest industry viewpoints, such as Green All-Optical Network, Intelligent Cloud-Network, and autonomous driving network (ADN). And that’s not all: five industry white papers will also be released to offer in-depth insights into the industry trends and strategic development directions of the ultra-broadband industry over the next 5 to 10 years.

Experience First-Hand the Latest Solutions and Successful Business Practices

UBBF 2022 will have three exhibition areas in the digital exhibition hall covering over 1000 m2 — Solution Exhibition Hall, Future Zone, and Ecosystem Zone — to present the latest technological innovations and solutions to participants, covering FTTR all-optical home, slice-based industry private line, best-experience 5.5G integrated IP bearer network, 400G, next-generation GPON evolution direction 50G PON, and L3 ADN. In addition, these exhibition areas demonstrate operators’ successful practices in multi-cloud connection, gigabit broadband, industrial Internet, and fast network construction for homes and enterprises, as well as systematically present the latest development trend, standards, and progress of the industry.

At this year’s UBBF, Huawei will work with leading operators in Thailand to share success cases in the actual deployment of all-optical networks and Intelligent Cloud-Network 2.0. Participants can experience the latest and real FTTR all-optical home, OTN premium private line, Cloud-Network Express, Qiankun Cloud-Network Express, and all-wireless campus office services onsite.