Up-and-Coming Chinese Skincare Expert PMPM Bags International Industry Influential Brand Award at United Nations Forum

NEW YORK, June 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The emerging beauty brand, PMPM, cliched the International Industry Influential Brand Award at the Corporate Globalization and Sustainable Development Forum 2024 organized by the United Nations (UN). During the event, Shan Shuo, CEO of PMPM’s parent company Shin Corporation, signed the China Brand UN Declaration. The landmark moment coincided with the unveiling of the brand’s declaration alongside its new Chinese identity, Pian Pian, at New York’s Times Square, concluding PMPM’s remarkable four-year growth as it is posed to open up a new chapter on its go-global journey.

Up-and-Coming Chinese Skincare Expert PMPM Bags International Industry Influential Brand Award at United Nations Forum

Chinese beauty brands, or “C-beauty” brands, are edging out J-Beauty (Japanese) and K-Beauty (Korean) brands to secure high recognition from domestic consumers in recent years. Born in a digital-first environment, C-brands, more adept with online sales channels, experienced a 51% growth from 2017 to 2022, higher than the 42% in the market overall, according to data from Euromonitor International.

In the first half of 2023, China’s beauty product exports reached $2.8 billion (20.9 billion RMB), a 32.5% increase from the year before, according to China Customs. The continuous success in the overseas market has further boosted the confidence in C-brands in capturing a larger international market share. PMPM, founded in China with a global vision, is one of these beauty startups that has risen quickly to the top of the C-Beauty charts.

On May 8, 2024, the UN Headquarters hosted an event aimed at enhancing CSR practices among Chinese companies, facilitating their integration into the global market while boosting their international competitiveness. PMPM was among the 20-plus China-based rising stars and international enterprises, that took to the stage to share their brand success and stories behind their rapid global expansion rooted in sustainable development principles.

As the youngest China homegrown brand listed in the Chinese Brand Innovation Development Project, PMPM has embedded globalization in its DNA from inception, partnering with top-tier scientific institutions such as Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine (IUF) to design and develop skincare solutions for young consumers in China. PMPM’s R&D endeavor allows it to bridge the gap in dermatology development for China’s demographics, carving out a niche market that focuses on innovative, science-based skincare tailored to the specific needs of Chinese youth.

Technological prowess aside, PMPM’s brand spirit deeply resonates with its followers. The name, which is inspired by the French phrase “Pour le Monde Pour le Monde”, invites users to “go to the world, explore the world”, encouraging a sense of adventure and discovery that aligns with the brand’s mission to merge high-quality ingredients from the East and West, creating a unique fusion that caters to the evolving skincare needs of its global-minded consumers.

PMPM’s innovative approach to skincare formulas has proven successful. Its Truffle Collagen Bottle, an anti-aging product that combines black truffles from Yunnan, China, and white truffles from Italy’s Piedmont Forest, has become one of the best-selling beauty products in China. Another market champion is PMPM’s Rose Essential Oil, a brightening and repairing solution sourced from China’s crimson glory with French rosa centifoliato.

“Being able to stand on the stage of UN validates our brand spirit of ‘No Destination is Too Far.’ Last year, we established our global R&D team, bringing together a host of leading skincare scientists from around the world, coupled with multiple innovation centers established in Europe and Asia to strengthen our fundamental research,” said Shan Shuo, CEO of PMPM.

“For product innovation, we strategically partner with world-leading global ingredient R&D laboratories to craft high-quality products, earning 58 patents and international quality certifications and contributing to industry standards. On the environmental front, PMPM has adopted eco-friendly packaging, saving an estimated 30,000 rolls of plastic tape annually and using FSC-certified paper to minimize environmental impact. Our years of dedication to sustainability culminated in achieving an ESG certificate in this June, a testament to our social responsibility accomplishments, received from the NOA Testing & Certification Group.” she added.

Looking forward to future growth after building a strong domestic and international footprint, PMPM remains committed to scaling up investment in product research. Dedicated to sustainability, biodiversity, philanthropy, and ecological preservation, PMPM is driven to create value for society, the environment, and corporate development through innovation as it continues to evolve into a global brand that fulfils social responsibility and pushes the boundaries of personal skincare.

With the unveiling of our Chinese brand name, PMPM has completed its metamorphosis from a brand being made in China to made for China, which launches PMPM into a new era that will see the brand drive deeper connections with local consumers with unique, innovative beauty formulas.