Unlocking the Latest Trends in Fashion Jewelry: Are You Up to Date?

YIWU, China, Aug. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Fashion jewelry, a time-tested Yiwu export, has once again delivered impressive results this summer.

Fashion jewelry

Yiwugo.com, the official website of the Yiwu Commodity Market, is the largest commodity wholesale market in the world. Popular search terms such as “hair clips,” “necklaces,” “earrings,” and “bracelets” have consistently remained within the top 20 rankings for several months, according to Yiwugo’s data. From May 1, 2023 to August 23, 2023, transaction volumes for “bracelets” and “necklaces” have demonstrated remarkable growth compared to the same period in the previous year. The “bracelets” category has experienced an impressive surge of approximately 30.8 times, while “necklaces” have seen a growth of around 23.6 times. Additionally, the “earrings” category has witnessed a substantial increase of approximately 15 folds. Furthermore, orders for “hair clips” have surged by 49.2% in comparison to the same period last year, with the transaction volume nearly quadrupling from the previous year. Through visits to several well-established jewelry merchants boasting over two decades of experience, it becomes apparent that their achievements are a result of the combined efforts of the Yiwugo platform’s promotional strategies and the unwavering dedication of the merchants.

Top Selling for Three Months: Dreamcatcher Ornaments

Yuan Bangyun is no stranger to the phenomenon of soaring orders. With nearly two decades of experience in jewelry design, manufacturing, and sales, Manxiuni Jewelry has positioned itself as a trusted brand. Through the consistent introduction of novel and innovative products on a daily basis, Yuan Bangyun showcases a steadfast dedication to offering customers an ever-evolving array of choices.

During the peak sales season, Yuan Bangyun’s Enterprise store on Yiwugo unveils more than 100 new products every month, accompanied by an even wider selection of items accessible to customers through offline channels.

In May, Manxiuni Jewelry introduced the Dreamcatcher collection of fashion accessories, which garnered favorable feedback from domestic e-commerce customer groups. Notably, a specific pair of earrings has remained consistently in high demand, with daily orders for over 500 sets for the past three months. Yuan Bangyun commented that this is just a taste of a minor hit item.

The quality of exported jewelry hinges on an effective plating process. Yuan Bangyun noted that the current level of plating technology and its associated costs have increased approximately four times compared to previous years. The continuous refinement of craftmanship has fostered high customer loyalty among the company’s overseas clients.

For almost 8 consecutive years, a loyal customer from Russia has been ordering the same classic pair of earrings from Yuan Bangyun. The monthly order value has consistently stayed at around $10,000, with orders coming in regularly and payments being made promptly, even during times of conflict. This enduring partnership can be attributed to the continuous enhancement of the company’s product quality over the years.

Awakening Love for Beauty: Dominance of Dopamine Color Scheme and Barbie Pink

Wan Chengying’s venture, Yangqin Accessory Firm, specializes in hair clips, hairbands, and related products, with nearly 80% of its business concentrated in foreign trade. The company has launched over 300 new products this summer, with themed collections particularly designed for popular trends both in the domestic and international markets. These products have been distributed through innovative fast-moving consumer goods channels, encompassing e-commerce platforms and other emerging distributors. With dopamine-inspired color schemes and Barbie pink as the flagship, it captured and deeply resonated with women’s innate craving for beauty.

In early July this year, the company unveiled a collection of dopamine-colored hair clips, which generated over 200,000 RMB in domestic market orders within a month. Taking inspiration from the success of the movie “Barbie”, Wan Chengying also introduced a line of premium Barbie pink alloy products. The use of premium materials perfectly encapsulates the sophisticated allure of high-saturation pink. Currently, many customers from South Korea, as well as the domestic market, have shown tremendous interest in these products.

To Wan Chengying’s astonishment, this summer has witnessed a notable influx of new buyers who are specifically seeking purchases from Yiwugo. These intermediaries, who now handle daily order placements, have become larger in number. Despite of the buyers’ scales, they are highly active—a trend that was unseen in past years.

Allergy-Free Earrings: A Global Craze

Chen Xiyue, the owner of Jenny Jewelry, has a rather distinct experience. Quite a few overseas customers reached out to her via video calls through Yiwugo to confirm her store details before making online orders. An African customer from Botswana placed an initial order worth several thousand yuan through Yiwugo. This buyer has since placed two more repeat orders, each amounting to tens of thousands of yuan. Currently, they have fostered a strong partnership with a deepened sense of trust.

A diverse array of hypoallergenic earrings, crafted by Jenny Jewelry, caters to a broad age spectrum. Since their debut two years ago, these earrings have achieved impressive success, evolving from online popularity to offline demand. They have garnered significant acclaim and are sought-after by customers from both home and abroad. These earrings have successfully secured shelf space in supermarkets across various countries and regions, including South America and Dubai, where they maintain robust and consistent sales.