Unlocking Investment Opportunities in China: How Waton Securities International’s Broker Cloud Empowers Overseas Investors

SHENZHEN, China, March 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Hong Kong-based Waton Securities International is strengthening its research capabilities in response to increasing demand from overseas institutions for China asset research reports. According to Kai Zhou, Waton’s research institute is building a team with deep research expertise and scientific data analysis, covering various fields such as TMT, consumption, new energy, and real estate. The institute has established a talent development system to enhance the quality of its research.

Unlike many research institutes that advertise and sell research reports, Waton Securities International has channel advantages in providing research reports through its cooperation with international brokers and their trading systems. Therefore, the company is focusing on deepening research in the field and recruiting research talents.

To achieve long-term stable development, Kai Zhou believes that small and medium-sized brokerage research institutes in Hong Kong need to return to the essence and continuously strengthen efforts in databases, talent, and research, rather than simply hiring well-known industry experts at high costs to improve the institute’s reputation in the short term.

“The research institute is the lever of our global strategy and a long-term plan that changes with customer needs.” Kai Zhou said, “we live in a very fortunate era, where China’s financial technology is constantly iterating, and high-end manufacturing is constantly developing, which has given us tremendous opportunities for development.”

Kai Zhou also believes that Waton Securities International’s development is closely linked to the increasing attractiveness of Chinese assets. By helping more overseas investors enter the Chinese market, the company is essentially betting on China. Kai Zhou sees investing in China as a “must-have” for overseas institutions, not a “backup option,” which demonstrates overseas institutions’ confidence in China’s economic growth prospects and the profitability of Chinese companies.