Unilumin Group Attended ISE 2023 with Its Metasight Products and Solutions

BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — From January 31st to February 3rd, Unilumin Group, a Chinese famous LED enterprise, attended ISE 2023.

With the theme “Metasight Ecology, Enlightening the Future”, Unilumin brought UMicro, commercial complex solutions, XR Workshop and other Metasight products and solutions to global clients.

UMicro Series

Unilumin released UMicro worldwide in ISE exhibition. The smallest pitching can reach 0.4 mm. It’s reported that the newly released UMicro series applied EBL+ multi-layers optical technology and the 3D-LUT color gamut calibration technology in the intelligent manufacturing process. With the advantages such as low reflection and low Moiré effect, UMicro can be applied to command center, commercial display, innovative fields such as naked-eye 3D, AR, xR, and home theater.

Commercial Complex Metasight Solutions

According to Grand View Research, the market value of commercial complex will reach 779.47 million.

Unilumin released the commercial complex Metasight solutions in the exhibition. It is known that the Metasight solution includes LED soft and hardware, and creative contents. It can provide customers with external and internal immersive space, Metasight interactive experience, XR commercial application and creative landscape of the new commercial complex. This solution can attract more customers, explore business opportunities and facilitate the economy.

XR workshop

XR virtual shooting is gradually applied in film production, which can not only improve the production efficiency but also reduce the cost.

At this exhibition, Unilumin, together with the industry partners, Pixotope and ARRI, demonstrated the virtual shooting effect by using three LED display screens (double sided screen+ floor screen). Unilumin can provide arc screen, four-sided screen, and three-sided screen, etc according to different application scenarios.

Metasight solutions includes “hardware+software+content+interaction”, which can meet the diversified demands of customers in more and more application scenarios.

Founded in 2004, Unilumin Group Co., Ltd was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2011 (XSHE: 300232). It is a globally leading provider of LED display and lighting products and solutions. Globally, it has also ranked first in the industry in terms of sales value and sales volume of LED display products. Unilumin has successfully provided services for Huawei, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Disney and other Fortune 500 enterprises.