ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro Wi-Fi named as 2022 Best Smart Lock

UNION CITY, Calif., Oct. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The U-Bolt Pro Wi-Fi smart lock from ULTRALOQ, the leading brand of the smart lock industry, invented by U-tec, has been named one of the best smart locks of 2022 by CNET. Before that, Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro WiFi has also been selected as the 2022 Top picks by PCMag, Wirecutter, and Reviewed.com.



2022 Best Smart Lock: ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro Wi-Fi

CNET’s experts and staff test a wide variety of smart locks each year. After comparing 7 dimensions of the product including Performance, Ease of Use, Price, Availability, Packaging, Assurances, and Branding, ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro WiFi has been recommended to readers. 

ULTRALOQ is committed to bringing a smarter, more convenient, and safer entry experience to users. Thus, U-Bolt Pro WiFi was designed for providing different users with ultimate flexibility. This is confirmed by the fact that CNET recognized it as the top pick for Airbnb hosts and the top performer when it comes to built-in Wi-Fi range.

The key innovations of ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro WiFi are thought that is advancing the industry in the way of smart and convenience improvements for homeowners, as well as green improvements for the environment.

6-in-1 True keyless entry of U-Bolt Pro Wi-Fi’s includes a fingerprint ID, numerical keypad, smartphone bluetooth proximity sensor, and the option of temporary codes or Ekeys that can be shared with short-term users and guests – which means no more missed deliveries, no more rushing home to open the door, and no more fumbling for the keys when the hands are full.

With Bluetooth 4.0’s ultra-low power consumption, U-Bolt Pro Series only needs four AA recycling batteries allowing for harmless disposal for up to 6,000 times access. Plus, all ULTRALOQ’s product production and outside package parts are in full compliance with the latest environmental standards including RoHS and REACH compliance. For that matter, 90% of the entire door lock is recyclable.

Plus, an exterior built to withstand heat and cold as well as an IP65-rated exterior for dust and water keeps both smart lock models working hard in bad weather. ANSI commercial Grade 1 (ANSI Code 156.36 & 156.25) certification assures users of the locks’ hardiness and durability, providing 35 times the strength of standard residential locks as well as a seven times longer lifespan.

“Our plan is to upend the market by offering innovative products providing the ultimate experience. The world’s first WiFi smart lever lock with Fingerprint ID, ULTRALOQ Latch 5, and the world’s first Z-Wave smart lock with Fingerprint ID, U-Bolt Pro Z-Wave, are examples.” said Clark Ruan, VP of U-tec. “We are grateful to CNET and other media platforms and look forward to sending a message that: smart home devices are not nice-to-haves but a smart investment worth making.”

In addition to product innovation and environmental ecosystem, ULTRALOQ also has been paying attention to the Smart Home Ecosystem. Clark believed that once branded in the Smart home ecosystems, U-tec has a playbook for growth.

ULTRALOQ utilizes the smart lock to protect smart home’s entry to enter into the smart home ecosystem. U-Bolt Pro Wi-Fi is now compatible with Samsung’s SmartThings, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTT. Further, Apple’s HomeKit is the next platform ULTRALOQ plans to integrate with.

About U-tec

Located in Silicon Valley, U-tec invents and manufactures ULTRALOQ Whole-Home smart lock system that delivers an exceptional access experience for ultimate flexibility, security and convenience. U-tec is setting new standard for smart home security with its best-in-class design and advanced technologies. Every day, U-tec helps keep more than 1 million North American customers and their assets safe.