Uahpet, the creator of the Wireless Cat Water Fountain, reports 500% increase in sales during Amazon’s 2022 Prime early access sale

SHENZHEN, China, Oct. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Uahpet, creator of the world’s first truly wireless cat water fountain, joined Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale on October 11 and were warmly received by the market. Sales of their flagship product – Uahpet Wireless Cat Water Fountain – reached almost 1,000 units in the first 24 hours of the sale. This represented a 500% increase over average daily sales.

Uahpet Wireless Cat Water Fountain

Trusted by doting cat parents, Uahpet’s Wireless Cat Water Fountain has received over 75% five-star ratings on Amazon. The product’s 120-day maximum battery life and the world’s first real wireless design bring fresh water, care, and safety to our lovely furry friends and family members.

Uahpet proudly announced plans to expand the business in Canada on September 21st, with a vision to deliver safer and easier pet parenting experiences to Canadian cat parents with their Wireless Cat Water Fountain.

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Like human beings, our feline companions need to be well-hydrated. Water is critical to cat health and overall well-being as it prevents urinary tract disorders and benefits kidney function by flushing toxins.

However, as a species that originally inhabited desert environments, cats naturally have a low thirst drive. They don’t gravitate to water the way dogs do, and often suffer from chronic low-level dehydration. Therefore, depriving a cat of water can be dangerous or even fatal.

To complicate matters further, most cats instinctively prefer to drink from water sources that are trickling or running, as their evolutionary experience has taught them that drinking stagnant water is more likely to make them sick.

To solve this pain point and to motivate cats to drink, Uahpet designed the Wireless Pet Water Fountain to fulfill cat parents’ needs. The product benefits your fluffy friends in several ways –

Keeps the water source fresh and clean. Uahpet Wireless Cat Water Fountain has the added advantage of aerating the water. The six-level filtration system helps increase the purification effect to get the freshest water. The filter contains KDF, quartz sand, coconut activated charcoal, and ion exchange resin. It will filter and recirculate the water, so it remains fresh for your pet. So, Uahpet’s Wireless Water Fountain is more hygienic than a traditional water bowl. It’ll help to keep your kitty safe from urinary infections and diseases.

Creates a safer environment for cats to drink. Flowing freshwater is what cats enjoy most. They associate flowing water with a safe source of hydration. A cat water fountain can be more tempting for cats to drink out of than the usual water bowls with stagnant water. They can be a fun and effective way to encourage your cat to drink more and drink safely. This means, your feline companion is staying better hydrated throughout the day.

Pet-friendly real wireless design. Wires and cords can be a hazard for both you and your cat. Uahpet’s Wireless Water Fountain is safe and smart because it has no plugs for you and no dangerous wires for your cat. This battery-operated water fountain doesn’t have dangerous wires your pet might otherwise get tangled in. This adds a tremendous benefit for multi-pet households.

The easy-to-install and maintenance-free fountain not only provides cats with fresh, clean, running water, but provides peace of mind for pet parents knowing their pets will not run out of water.

Extra-large tank – With this feature, Uahpet’s Wireless Water Fountains are great for both cats and small dogs. It features a two-liter (67.6 OZ) storage capacity tank that is enough for all-day drinking. Those half-filled water bowls are now a thing of the past.

Long-lasting battery life – The battery can be used for up to 120 days depending on how often your pets drink from it. Just fill it with water, and the pets will be kept hydrated all day long.

Rechargeable with USB chargers – The external water pump is rechargeable with a USB charger, which is eco-friendly and safe for the planet and your pets, respectively.

Ultra-quiet performance – Uahpet’s Wireless Cat Water Fountain is the perfect solution for pet parents who are suffering from noises at night, as its ultra-quiet performance will not disturb the sleep of pet parents. It’s ideal for timid cats as well, creating a tranquil, safe and wholesome environment for your beloved fluffy family members.