twimbit launches Ask twimbit, an intelligence tool powered by ChatGPT to empower members with cutting-edge research in an intuitive way

SINGAPORE, May 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — twimbit launches Ask twimbit, the first insight-generating AI tool to deliver research-backed information. Powered by ChatGPT, Ask twimbit answers the most pressing questions, covering topics from financial services and telecommunications to customer experience and technology domains. 

Ask twimbit – an intelligence tool powered by ChatGPT

By combining ChatGPT’s ability to ask questions in natural language and twimbit’s deep-expertise in delivering cutting-edge research, they aim to help their members get precise answers to their pressing questions in an intuitive and easy to understand manner. Ask twimbit is powerful because it combines insights from different reports to provide the desired industry intelligence. Ask twimbit can address a wide range of queries ranging from the key trends shaping an industry or looking for benchmarks of performance from industry leaders. To begin the journey on Ask twimbit, one needs to simply sign up to the twimbit platform

“Catalysing the future of informed decision-making, our groundbreaking intelligence tool, Ask twimbit powered by ChatGPT, redefines the way industries thrive. With every question answered through research-backed insights, we propel organisations to unlock growth and innovation opportunities, leading way to unparalleled success,” Varnika Goel, Research Director and Co-founder, twimbit

In the event that Ask twimbit is unable to provide an immediate answer, premium members have the option to request insights, which will be supported by twimbit’s analyst team and network of experts. 

twimbit’s collaboration with OpenAI is currently in the beta testing phase, allowing them to continuously strive, revolutionising how everyone delivers and consumes insights. They are evolving the experience based on how members interact with the tool. It’s also important to remember that while many measures have been taken to limit inaccurate results and inappropriate responses, at times the experience may not work exactly as expected. The twimbit analyst team is relentlessly collecting feedback and reviewing every response to ensure all answers meet the actual needs of their members.

About twimbit: 

twimbit is a Singapore headquartered research and consulting firm driven by a singular mission: to empower businesses that are making a difference. We specialise in providing invaluable industry intelligence to executives and teams, acting as a catalyst for innovation and growth. twimbit’s proprietary research platform revolutionizes the way information is consumed by professionals, making it effortlessly enjoyable and accessible to all.

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