Tuya Smart Released the Strongest signal at CES 2023: Enables Global Customers to Realize Strategic Transformation with PaaS2.0

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Tuya Smart (“Tuya” or the “Company”) (NYSE: TUYA; HKEX: 2391), a global IoT development platform service provider, began to showcase its latest updates on smart solutions at CES 2023. Following the main theme – “Be in It” – of CES 2023, Tuya, a close friend of CES, established its showroom under the theme of “Be in Smart”.

At CES 2023, Tuya released a positive signal to global customers: Tuya officially launched PaaS 2.0 to develop personalized solutions to fulfill global customers’ demands for “product differentiation and independent control”. Meanwhile, underpinned by Tuya’s open and integrated ecosystem, Tuya will continue to constantly help global customers realize their digital and smart transformations with Tuya’s robust technology capabilities.

As a unique innovation, Tuya’s PaaS2.0 can help customers save R&D investment costs and improve their product competitiveness in all areas of business. Tuya’s PaaS2.0 is becoming the “engine” that supports and drives the digital and smart transformation of companies worldwide.

Now, let’s explore Tuya’s CES 2023.

PaaS2.0: Open IoT Core to Meet Customers’ Core Demands

At present, public cloud services dominate the cloud service market. With more customers’ cloud demands becoming more apparent, the public cloud market will be facing new opportunities. To help public cloud customers seize the market opportunities, Tuya will fully implement PaaS2.0 and provide more flexible and diversified services.

Tuya is continuously opening the capabilities of IoT Core to solve customers’ problems when they face an increasing number of smart devices and connection management issues. With Tuya’s IoT base product, IoT Core has a strong device connection management capability. With the rich Tuya-enabled smart hardware ecosystem, it can help customers quickly match devices in massive smart scenes and access the system, which will achieve rapid expansion and flexible deployment.

For private cloud customers, Tuya launched Cube Solution (“Cube”), which is an enterprise-level IoT platform deployment solution. As one of Tuya’s major products presented at CES 2023, Cube can help developers build an expandable and flexible private IoT platform to handle equipment connection and management, application development, and data analysis. It has become the best support to help customers realize their digital and smart transformation.

Based on Tuya’s rich equipment management experience, the IoT base of Cube supports up to five access methods, enabling customers’ smart devices, non-smart devices and even wired devices to be all connected to one single IoT base. This helps solves isolated data problems and management problems between devices.

After solving the problems mentioned above, Cube can also provide customers with visualized UI applications for mobile and Web terminals. From equipment operations, user operations, data analysis and value-added services, Cube can help customers quickly complete various application development in no-code or low-code mode. Meanwhile, Cube can support customers in deploying on mainstream public clouds, as well as in customers’ own server rooms.

In addition, Cube provides not only a privatized technical product, but also a three-tier solution to meet customers’ demands from cloud, device and App. And Cube can provide differentiated application deployment solutions and suggestions based on the customers’ actual businesses.

For example, given the difficulties for electrical appliances customers that are facing various equipment categories and communication protocols when expanding smart product lines, the Cube for this type customers will focus more on integrated all devices and communication protocols into one system, then could connect and control these device via one platform; For operators, Cube can use rich Tuya-enabled hardware ecosystem to improve their consumers’ experience as well as enriching their revenue through more scalable value-added services.

In addition, Tuya provides a variety of different development products and detailed development materials to help developers complete hardware and software development in many ways. For example, for hardware product developers, Tuya provides the TuyaOS and the one-stop development tool TuyaWind which will help facilitate developers in quickly developing products. For mobile application developers, Tuya provides App SDK and panel mini-App, which can help developers quickly create Apps and device control panels for IoT. For cloud developers, Tuya provides rich and flexible industry components and APIs, and together with the low-code SaaS development framework – Saturn, Tuya can help them develop personalized IoT platforms and SaaS-level solutions.

In the future, Tuya will release more development capabilities based on the levels mentioned above, further enhance the product competitiveness of developers, and create the ultimate product experience for consumers.

For example, TuyaOS will develop a special development framework for Matter, including Matter over WiFi, Matter over Thread, Matter Bridge, and Matter Hub; App SDK and panel mini-App will also provide Matter development content for mobile terminals. IoT Core will provide Matter Engine capability, which can quickly access third-party Matter devices to achieve interconnection.

From the above-mentioned capabilities that PaaS2.0 released, Tuya believes no matter whether you are a large corporate, a small and medium-sized customer, or you are a public cloud customer or private cloud customer, Tuya keeps the main concept of “Customer First” – consistently working on meeting customers’ core demands, and leads the development of IoT industry with an open and inclusive attitude.

Meanwhile, Tuya also defeated a misconception for customers and partners by showcasing the PaaS2.0 at CES 2023, that is, Tuya can not only serve channel customers, but also serve branding customers. With such a robust IoT ecosystem, Tuya will enable customers with more competitive products, as well as customers can enjoy more efficient solutions by Tuya to significantly reduce R&D investment costs and achieve business growth.

Software & Hardware All-in-One Solution: Meet Diversified Demands of Industry Customers

Besides PaaS2.0, Tuya also presented another “secret weapon” – a software and hardware all-in-one solution at CES 2023.

After exploring smart transformation for vertical industries, Tuya provided “4+1” integrated solution, including four standard SaaS, which are Tuya Residential, Tuya Hospitality, Tuya Commercial Lighting & Building and Tuya House & Community, plus the ability to create all-in-one solutions based on the four standard SaaS. The all-in-one solution can not only meet different smart scene demands for customers from vertical industries, such as apartments, hotels, offices, office buildings, homes and property management, but also can meet the smart transformation demands of major projects covering the above scenarios.

“Building block style” product architecture means that customers can use Tuya solutions more freely without limiting application scenarios. Whether it is vertical scenes such as hotels, apartments, buildings, homes and properties, or horizontal industry capabilities such as door lock management and energy management, Tuya’s “modular” software combination capabilities and Tuya-enabled hardware ecosystem will offer customers with functions they require.

No matter what kind of functions customers need, Tuya can combine and package these functions as “building blocks”; Meanwhile, Tuya’s strong connectivity and cross-brand-connection capabilities also provide customers with options from its rich hardware library. Customers can screen out the most cost-effective solutions without worrying about the shortage of hardware products.

This all-in-one solution greatly meets the customers’ personalized and customized needs. For example, when using standard capabilities of Tuya Hospitality, hotel customers can add energy management modules through Tuya’s energy industry solutions to achieve personalized energy saving and reduce carbon emissions. In addtion, hotel customers can also enter the smart home industry through the Tuya-enabled rich hardware ecosystem, and develop smart home solutions under their own brand to grow and expand their business.

You can see that Tuya’s software and hardware all-in-one solution not only improves the customer’s ability to face vertical industries upgrading, but also helps them build their ability to meet different scenarios.

In addition to the above highlights, Tuya’s energy management system also attracted much attention.

Energy Management Solutions: Help Global Customers Realize Sustainable Future

As a pioneer in the IoT industry, Tuya has a keen sense the market. Based on the trend of global energy industry’s smart transformation, Tuya has launched a series of smart energy solutions, which are widely applied in many fields. For CES 2023, Tuya was particularly prominent in the home energy management, commercial lighting and residential buildings exhibition areas.

In the home energy management area, Tuya installed photovoltaic panels, inverters, meters, charging piles and other equipment on the roof, in the charging parking lot and indoors. By leveraging home energy management solution, house owners can realize real-time visualization of the energy flow data, including solar energy generation process, power storage, power distribution process, and electricity use, so that they could understand how to optimize the energy use strategy through energy consumption data analysis, and realize efficient management of household energy.

In addition, Tuya’s Energy Saving Dashboard can be connected to the metering sockets at the scene, which help home owners understand the power consumption of household appliances, and can achieve energy consumption control by setting the on/off time of home appliances.

In the commercial lighting area, Tuya’s wireless SMB lighting control system also attracted people’s attention. It supports single light control, overall brightness adjustment and other functions, and can be used with PIR sensors to save energy when nobody is at the scene, which can further create a green and energy-saving lighting effect for the indoor environment.

In Tuya Residential and Tuya Hospitality area, the energy consumption data board received frequent inquiries from customers. By simulating the installation of Tuya-enabled metering sockets, smart meters, smart lights and other equipment in rooms and public areas, customers can customize energy consumption strategies, and accurately control the use of water, electricity and other energy consumption devices in the room via Powered-by-Tuya App or their management platform to reduce unnecessary energy waste.

Furthermore, Tuya also demonstrated lots of Tuya-enabled hot smart devices, Tuya’s solutions for Matter, and Tuya’s solutions for Bluetooth Mesh Simple Setup (BSS) that were jointly launched by Tuya and Amazon at CES 2023, providing innovative insights for the development of the IoT industry.

On January 6, Tuya will also hold “Tuya Day.” Many well-known manufacturers from various industries, such as communication technology, connection protocol, semiconductor, consumer electronics, IoT security certification, will get together with Tuya and bring up new technologies, new applications and new ideas for IoT, explore the key for enterprises to achieve strategic transformation, and promote sustainable development for global IoT ecosystem.

The future is never in the future tense but hidden in the footsteps of forerunners. Tuya’s performance at CES 2023 has already enabled industries to see the arrival of a new intelligent era.