Tuya Launches BornSmart Campaign with Thai Partners FNK and T3 Technology

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Oct. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As an important member of ASEAN and one of the initiators of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), Thailand strives to promote the new economic model of the “Thailand 4.0 Strategy,” which will transform domestic traditional manufacturing into innovation-driven digital manufacturing. More Thai enterprises have begun to implement digital intelligent transformation. A survey by Asia IoT Business Platform states that around 89% of Thai companies are leveraging IoT solutions, ranking Thailand number one in Southeast Asia.

Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX: 2391), a leading IoT development platform service provider, recently launched the BornSmart campaign in Thailand by joining forces with two of its Thai partners, FNK and T3 Technology, to present popular smart home products to Thai families through social media.

Local enterprises strengthen their competitive advantages by leveraging Tuya’s IoT Platform

Enterprises that want to develop popular smart home products should look into the demands of their potential customers in their local markets. With Tuya’s support, companies can penetrate a local market faster and digitalize their products more efficiently to meet the diversified demands of consumers. Relying on their mature commercial networks and large consumer base, together with Tuya, local enterprises can further strengthen their competitive advantages in popularizing smart home products and services, which will provide smart home devices and solutions to local consumers.

For example, through Tuya’s platform, both FNK and T3 Technology have realized the interconnection of diversified products and developed a series of new functions, including “voice control” and other digital intelligence solutions, which both meet the demands of young consumers and realize the digital intelligence transformation of their enterprises.

Tuya helps Thai enterprises to realize the digital intelligent transformation

Founded in 2004, FNK is a Thailand-based high-tech company with extensive experience in the smart home industry. FNK supplies smart home products in Southeast Asia and provides a wide range of selections in various fields. During the BornSmart campaign, FNK presented its best-selling FNKvision EH5L robot vacuum cleaner that has been widely used in rental and residential apartments for young consumers in Thailand.

The FNKvision EH5L robot vacuum cleaner is a high-quality smart vacuum cleaner that integrates sweeping, vacuuming and mopping. Its biggest highlight is that it can significantly improve the efficiency of cleaning. Its large capacity dust box can reduce the frequency of machine cleaning. It has a three-layer filtering system that can extend the filter’s life. In addition, customers can control it remotely via the Tuya-enabled App and set it to start cleaning after people leave the house, providing a more convenient lifestyle for young people.

In addition to the remote control, the Tuya-enabled App also supports functions including map scanning, area cleaning, restricted areas setting, automatic partial cleaning, and more. For example, even if the user reorganizes the furniture and changes the initial location of the robot vacuum cleaner in the house, the robot vacuum cleaner does not need to reset the map, which can greatly improve the cleaning efficiency.

T3 Technology is a well-known communication terminal manufacturer in Thailand. It has been deeply involved in the Southeast Asian operator field for many years, providing communication devices, smart home devices and integrated solutions for Thai families.

The T3 Smart IR Remote, T3 Technology’s trending product, can be widely used to control various home appliances. It has a built-in temperature and humidity sensor, as well as a 10-meters infrared detection range. Consumers can turn on or off a home appliance remotely through the Tuya-enabled App as needed to better control and manage their home environment.

The T3 Smart Weight Scale is also popular among Thai consumers. As a highly accurate weight scale, it helps consumers not only know their Body Mass Index (BMI) via the Tuya-enabled App, but it also get scores of their body conditions. For young consumers who are likely to expect high scores for their body conditions, it can greatly improve their motivation to do physical exercises.

T3 Technology provides consumers with detailed guidance on how to use smart products. It releases many videos and graphics demonstrating how to use smart devices so consumers do not have to worry about connection issues or other problems that may arise.

Tuya’s partnership with Thai companies have become a driving force behind their innovative products. In the future, Tuya will continue to expand its partnerships and Tuya-enabled product ecosystem in Southeast Asia, and work with Thai enterprises to jointly build an open and diversified smart ecosystem. This will make Tuya one of the most comprehensive ecosystems for smart product development, which all market players in the IoT industry can benefit.

BornSmart will later be held in Mexico, the United Kingdom, Germany, Chech and other countries. Tuya will continuously work with global customers to provide consumers with more smart scenes and new experiences!