TROOPS, Inc. forms special committee to investigate allegations against independent director Mr. Wang Tai Dominic Li

HONG KONG, April 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TROOPS, Inc. (the “Company”) today announced that certain allegations (the “Allegations”) were advanced against the independent director of the Company, Mr. Wang Tai Dominic Li (“Mr. Li”), through the Civil Action HCA 938 of 2022.

While the Company does not accept these Allegations and will strenuously defend the Allegations, out of prudence and in the interest of protecting the public shareholders, the Board has formed a special committee (the “Special Committee”) on April 11, 2023 to oversee an internal investigation into the Allegations, to investigate Mr. Li’s independence and integrity, and to review the Company’s internal corporate governance. The Special Committee is comprised of two independent directors of the Board, Ms. Yong Li Huang and Mr. Wood Shing Kei Sze, with Mr. Wood Shing Kei Sze serving as its chairman. The Special Committee has been delegated full authority to investigate the Allegations and to review the Company’s internal corporate governance. The Internal Investigation is at a preliminary stage.

Safe Harbor and Informational Statement

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About TROOPS, Inc.

TROOPS, Inc. is a conglomerate group of various businesses with its headquarters based in Hong Kong. The group is principally engaged in (a) money lending business in Hong Kong providing mortgage loans to high quality target borrowers (b) property investment to generate additional rental income and (c) the development, operation and management of an online financial marketplace that provides one-stop financial technology solutions including API services by leveraging artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain, and cloud computing (SaaS). The group’s vision is to operate as a conglomerate to build synergy within its own sustainable ecosystem thereby creating value to its shareholders. For more information about TROOPS, Inc., please visit our investor relations website: