Tronsmart Launches Bang SE Party Speaker with 24 Hours of Fun Time

Features beat-driven light to flare up parties

SHENZHEN, China, Dec. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tronsmart inherited its reputation from party speakers, the exceptional Bang SE. Being a section of the Tronsmart Bang Series, Bang SE guarantees a 24-hour playtime with a splendid light show.

Tronsmart Bang SE Portable Party Speaker

Tronsmart Bang Series

Tronsmart Bang Series has got an excellent hit on party speakers, which comes with models Bang, Bang Mini and the most attentive one, the Bang SE.

Tailored for outdoor scenarios, the Tronsmart Bang SE has got an impressive 40W bright stereo system output and a very reasonable weight of around 2kg. Thanks to its two 3.1-inch full-range driver units, it is packed with exceptional sound quality, presenting a loud & crisp sound.

To further expand the sound stage, Tronsmart’s Bluetooth speakers have SoundPulse, which intensifies the sounds reproduced and even brings a bass intensification algorithm that is made to pitch out punchy bass.

Enjoy all the Way

Want to spice up the party with a speaker that can transform the place into a dance floor? The Bang SE Speaker is here to do exactly that! Give life a soundtrack with the Bang SE, and when it is time to bring the fun, people have the sound and light show to get that party started. Built-in handle and detachable strap mean whatever the day has in store for them, people can take the Bang SE with them.

Portable Party Speaker for Indoors & Outdoors

Tronsmart innovated the design of its speaker series with the integration of portability, applicability & entertainment. Considering that, nothing is more suitable than Bang SE which got IPX6 Waterproof for protection against dust, spills or splashes. This means it can be used in dusty and humid environments without risk of damage.

Comes with a battery that promises up to 24 hours of playtime, the Bang SE also featured with power bank function to charge mobile phones. Furthermore, the stereo pairing makes it an excellent choice for a home audio system, delivering a louder & wider sound field.

The Bang SE 40W portable party speaker is already available with early-bird discount on Tronsmart website. For more details and the complete range of speakers, please visit its product page.