Transporta Selected to Participate in Startup Studio Indonesia Incubation Program Batch 4

JAKARTA, Indonesia, July 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Transporta, an Indonesian tech startup, was recently selected as one of the 15 startups, out of thousands of applicants, to participate in the Startup Studio Indonesia Batch 4. The initiative by the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Informatics’ aims to facilitate startups to accelerate their business development.

Willy Anwar, Co-founder of Transporta

The participation in the incubator programme will enable Transporta to deep dive into the untapped potential market, and increase initiatives and engagement with more trucking companies, including coaching, offline events, and seminars that educate them with more digital knowledge. In addition, this will also open ways for collaboration and networking with other startup participants and coaches.  

Being recognized by the founders’ excellency and competence, Transporta will be joining a series of intensive coaching including Founder’s Camp and 1-on-1 Coaching that is ongoing until July 2022.

“We are always focused on finding the best early-stage startups to participate. We see that the Indonesian logistics industry is growing rapidly and there are always new challenges being solved. We believe in Transporta because of the founders and team’s dedication to tackle challenges by providing excellent and beneficial solutions into the industry,” said Italo Gani, one of the curator boards of Startup Studio Indonesia.

The coaching programmes will also help Transporta to accelerate their capacity in developing products and teams, validating marketing strategy, improving technology, and honing their business skill.

Moving towards their goal, Transporta has been helping local trucking SMEs adapt and expand amid a growing global reliance on digital infrastructure to increase their profits and business efficiency.

“Up until now, many SMEs still utilize basic Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems whilst communicating on separate messaging apps and have been unable to capitalize on market-wide gains, which is a result of fear of high costs and a challenging migration process in digitizing business operations. This becomes more challenging for SMEs outside the Greater Jakarta areas (Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi),” said Willy Anwar, Co-Founder of Transporta.

Transporta offers a transport management system (TMS) that allows logistics companies to handle the entire order management and delivery fulfillment cycle from a single cloud platform. TMS enables users conveniently submitting bids, managing orders, scheduling routes, assigning drivers, tracking deliveries, and invoicing clients.

By enabling truckers migrate conveniently online, Transporta allows SMEs compete on a more level playing field while being cost efficient. The TMS also allows companies to address inefficiencies such as idle trucks and empty hauls while integrating all their communications under one platform.

In transforming SMEs’ business to digital, Transporta also acknowledged that 75% of its early adopters have mutual needs in funding that made them collaborate with a fintech partner to provide invoice financing and loans for users.

Transporta offers advanced telematics and human resources solutions for the users through partnerships with to provide GPS trackers, other IoT devices and other app integration, such as HRIS for payroll and human resources management for onsite Monitoring.

For future collaborations, Transporta is currently eyeing to expand its partnership in finance, particularly in the digital wallet.

About Transporta

Transporta is an Indonesian-based transport management system startup that helps trucking companies maximize the speed of their daily operations and truck utilities as well as profitability through a centralized cloud platform. Transporta’s vision is to become the digital platform that connects end-to-end transportation solutions and revolutionizes the transportation industry while supporting Indonesia’s economic growth.

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