CHANGELEADER is potentially a game-changer. It is a first-of-type organizational-wide Human Capital Diagnostics-Enabled People Development System. Front-roomed as a digital mobile app platform for transforming organizations, CHANGELEADER seeks to empower middle managers by guiding them to determine their work-based challenges and provides them access to change micro- consulting support.  With CHANGELEADER, organizations embarking on planned or forced transformation can better target their human capital growth interventions based on real data and people analytics, to support their transformation agenda and growth outcomes.

SINGAPORE, May 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — HokuApps, a global player in the next-generation enterprise mobility solutions, is the strategic technology partner for KR Konsulting Pte Ltd (KRK). KRK is an established transformation and change leadership consultancy based in Singapore, offering bespoke organizational development consulting services to support leaders and organizations navigate real changes at work. In Feb 2023, KRK was recognized by Asia Business Outlook as one of the Top Ten Organization Development (OD) Consultants from Asia. KRK saw the growing mass-market need for an enterprise mobility solution in the post-pandemic era, and today, a growing number of organizations are grappling with people change challenges.

The digital solution enables KRK’s consultants to cater to a broader consumer base, and expand their change consultancy services in the ASEAN region. The partnership leverages on HokuApps’ low code mobile application development platform creating a fully integrated digitized solution that is inclusive of functions leveraging on gamification and client customized reporting capabilities.

As part of this partnership, HokuApps has delivered a mobile-centric integrated solution that will enable KRK to better support its growing client support requests for change leadership, especially targeting the middle manager core. CHANGELEADER targets middle manager leadership growth, anchoring on self-assessment, peer-assessment and first-level diagnostics to meet change demands and needs. The technology essentially empowers supervisors and managers in a transforming organization, under workload pressure, to develop into adaptive team leaders specific to their respective organizations demands.

CHANGELEADER provides first level change diagnostics, professional services engagement with KRK’s associate consultants, access to deliberately designed and updated consultant-grade learning content, and one-on-one remote coaching as well as communication between the consultants and the client members. The unified digital solution will consist of several features such as an automated first-level diagnostics and self-assessment system to provide middle managers necessary support and guidance. CHANGELEADER includes at backend a decision engine that has been built based on specific business rules and set diagnostic questions and incorporates leadership learning that will be available for users to access through an on-demand self-serve process. It will also include an auto-triggered notification system that pushes out alerts on a real time basis to ensure regular communication between KRK’s associate consultants and clients, and customized reporting capabilities. KRK, in partnership with HOKU Apps, aspires to disrupt the change consulting space by providing a digital application that functions as a self-sufficient micro-consultant, and at the same time supports the scaling of KRK’s business operations into ASEAN. KRK anticipates an increase in client base given its middle-manager targeted digital solution offer.

“In this time of unprecedented disruption of businesses, we chose to partner with HokuApps to leverage the power of technology, and a proven low-code platform to accelerate the implementation of our digital transformation initiatives as well as to deliver real value-based business results to our clients,” said Dr. Karuna Ramanathan, Founder and Principal Consultant at KRK. “Our partnership with HokuApps will help to fundamentally transform the way that we engage with our organizational clients, breaking free from traditional change consulting mindsets and budgetary limitations.”

Kieran Kishore, Head of Operations and Analytics for CHANGELEADER, adds, “CHANGELEADER  allows us to streamline our day-to-day operations, enhance agility and responsiveness, and deliver solutions to our clients at scale. Most importantly, clients stand to reap three-fold savings in training costs for supervisors and managers, and potentially gaining a three-fold increase in change effectiveness measured on the ground. CHANGELEADER promises to be a fundamental gamechanger to change consulting in ASEAN, leveraging on Human Capital Analytics for data-driven decision making on internal people transformation and change.”

“We are looking forward to the successful deployment of process automation that will bring about new efficiencies to KRK’s operations through the successful launch of CHANGELEADER.” said Arif Gafar, Director of Sales at HokuApps. “We are extremely delighted to assist KRK in taking a significant digital leap forward, allowing them to maintain their position as one of the leaders in Asia, in a highly competitive but fast growing ASEAN market and swiftly adapt to the evolving business landscape in the aftermath of the pandemic.”

About HokuApps:

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