Trademark Check in Only 3 steps with Haloo on Shoplazza

TORONTO, Nov. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Haloo, an instant online trademark search platform, has formed a strategic partnership with the global shopping cart SaaS leader Shoplazza. Together, Haloo and Shoplazza will break the barriers that prevent access to brand protection, such as prohibitive costs and the complexity of working with lawyers. This partnership between Haloo and Shoplazza will make protecting brand trademarks more straightforward, accurate, and accessible for businesses of all sizes.

Brand assets such as brand and product names, logos, and taglines have substantial value to e-commerce business owners. Merchants must ensure that their brand identity is legally protected to secure the authenticity of their businesses. However, business owners, especially small-to-medium-sized ones, might feel that going through the trademark application process is an additional burden that costs them time and money.

Shoplazza understands the obstacles that stand in the way of merchants wanting to protect their brand. That’s why we’ve partnered with Haloo, an AI-powered platform that delivers instant professional trademark searches, fail-safe trademark applications, and automated brand enforcement to help businesses get the legal protection they need. This partnership empowers merchants to clear trademarks faster in 3 simple steps-(1) Entering their contact information (2) Selecting their trademark type and (3) Entering the business information, with 25% greater accuracy and at a fraction of the cost of working with traditional lawyers.

“Shoplazza and Haloo share a sincere commitment to providing accessible business solutions for anyone. With Haloo’s easy-to-use trademark search tool, our merchants can protect their brand assets more effectively. Together, we aim to break another barrier for Shoplazza store owners worldwide, to ensure that their brand will not be targeted by counterfeiters,”Alyson Zhang, the COO of Shoplazza, says.

“It’s time for entrepreneurs to abandon the concept of “small business” and instead focus on building brands in the same way that big businesses do. Shoplazza differentiates itself from other e-commerce platforms by emphasizing brands, and we love that about them. Small businesses with federal trademarks can license or franchise, stop competitors or infringers, collaborate with other brands, access larger distribution, and earn more revenue. With Haloo powering Shoplazza’s brand-building tools such as trademark checks and protection, it truly is the best platform for entrepreneurs who want to scale their dreams to the next level,” says Julie MacDonell, CEO of Haloo.

Anyone can access Haloo’s free trademark search tool on the Shoplazza website, with no obligation to sign up. It only takes a minute to determine if a trademark is available and if there are any risks in registering the trademark in terms of potential legal issues.

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