Trade Data Startup Volza Revolutionizes Export-Import Industry with Unparalleled Access to 80+ Countries’ Trade Data Through Single-Subscription Service

Global Trade Data and Verified Business Partner Connections Now Within Reach for Businesses Worldwide

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del., June 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Navigating the complexities of international trade, export-import businesses have long faced challenges in finding verified buyers and suppliers across numerous countries. Traditional solutions, which involve individual subscriptions for each country, have proven prohibitively expensive and inefficient. To disrupt this status quo, Volza, a trade data startup, has launched a game-changing single-subscription service that provides access to export-import trade data for over 80 countries, making global trade more accessible and streamlined than ever before.

Volza’s comprehensive subscription offers an unrivalled database of more than three billion shipment records and information on 25 million verified import and export companies. With this all-inclusive service, exporters and importers worldwide can now economically and efficiently identify verified and active business partners, target the most lucrative and rapidly expanding export or import markets, establish profitable connections for business growth, and develop robust supply chain solutions in the ever-changing post-pandemic environment.

As a testament to the service’s efficacy, Volza provides a free sample featuring details on 10 buyers, 10 suppliers, and 50 shipment records. After experiencing the benefits, users can upgrade to a paid subscription for complete access. Currently, over 25,000 global clients rely on Volza as their trusted market intelligence data provider.

Sam Weyland, Global Supply Chain Head, expressed his appreciation: “Volza’s cutting-edge platform not only aids in identifying potential buyers for my products but also reveals hidden opportunities, authentic business partners, and trending products worldwide. It has become an essential tool for export-import business owners.”

Volza remains steadfast in its commitment to customer service excellence. Michael Robinson, Director of Volza, highlighted the company’s primary goal: “We strive to help our customers overcome challenges and remove any obstacles hindering the growth of their export-import businesses.” To ensure real-time expert guidance, Volza offers 24/7 chat support and live screen assistance.

About Volza:

Since its inception in 2017, Volza has been dedicated to assisting export-import companies in their global business expansion by revealing hidden opportunities and threats using advanced analytics and dashboard tools. As a disruptive force in the industry, Volza is empowering businesses to thrive in today’s competitive market by providing access to comprehensive global export-import trade data.

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