TraceLink’s New Supply Chain Work Management for Direct Supply Integrates All Suppliers and CMOs with a Single Link to Digitalize the Entire Purchase Order Process

Built on the Opus™ digital network platform to provide complete upstream visibility and full interoperability with direct suppliers 

BOSTON, Sept. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — TraceLink Inc., the leading digital network platform company, today announced the availability of Supply Chain Work Management for Direct Supply—the first solution to enable healthcare and life sciences companies to connect and collaborate with all suppliers, including contract manufacturers, in real-time and ensure complete upstream visibility. Supply Chain Work Management for Direct Supply is the fastest and easiest path to supply chain digital transformation for leaders in Supply Chain, External Manufacturing, Procurement, and more.

Powered by the Opus Platform, Supply Chain Work Management for Direct Supply enables full digitalization of the purchase order process by linking systems to share purchase order data in real-time, linking people to enable collaboration as needed, and digitalizing an unlimited number of supporting multienterprise planning and procurement processes. Purchase orders are shared through three modes of integration between ERP and the suppliers via the TraceLink Opus Digital Network Platform:

Full B2B Data Exchange: Purchase orders and updates are communicated between customers’ and suppliers’ ERP systems. Hybrid B2B Exchange: Purchase orders and updates are communicated from customers’ ERP to the Opus network and manually reviewed and updated by the suppliers through an interoperable interface, eliminating one-off portals which stymie supply chain digitalization efforts. Manual: Engage with suppliers through the Supply Chain Work Management user experience — with full information interoperability across the network of companies using the solution — to share, review, and update purchase orders.

“Integrating with suppliers’ systems to exchange B2B data in real-time to achieve effective supply chain visibility and execution has eluded supply chain leaders for more than 30 years,” said Shabbir Dahod, President and CEO of TraceLink. “With the Supply Chain Work Management for Direct Supply solution, manufacturers will be able to link with all suppliers and CMOs to replace EDI and outdated point-to-point integrations with Opus network-based integration. Coupled with the solution’s work management capabilities, supply chain leaders can empower internal teams and engage suppliers to create agile network ecosystems that are a true competitive advantage, with a level of visibility and orchestration that has eluded them for years.”

The Supply Chain Work Management for Direct Supply tasks capability digitalizes manual work between supply chain partners—from purchase order collaboration, material shortage resolution, alternate supplier selection, and shared forecasts, to tech transfers, new product launches, phase 3 commercialization, and beyond. The unique multienterprise task management workflows enable visibility and collaboration across multiple tiers of supply chain partners, allowing them to execute cross-company processes faster and more effectively than ever before. When task management is coupled with additional pre-built supply chain process templates for issue management and change requests, as well as the ability to leverage no-code customization capability for modifying workflows, user experiences, and user roles and access controls, Supply Chain Work Management for Direct Supply provides distributed teams with the tools required to accelerate supply chain digitalization efforts. 

“Supply Chain Work Management for Direct Supply is a revolutionary new solution,” said Karl Waldman, TraceLink General Manager for Agile Process Teams. “Managers can track tasks from beginning to end, assign unique subtasks to different supply chain partners, and set deadlines to ensure projects get done on time. Dashboards help executives at each company to monitor processes by due date, priority, and workflow status. Frequently used cross-company processes can be quickly digitalized using predefined task templates that are easily customized to meet different partner ecosystem needs. Executives can expect to improve key business metrics including on-time, in-full and lower cost of goods sold. There is nothing like Supply Chain Work Management available in the marketplace.”

About TraceLink
TraceLink is the only business network creation platform for the Internet of Supply Chains™—integrated business ecosystems built with multienterprise applications on the TraceLink Opus platform. Business networks are the foundation of an end-to-end supply chain digitalization strategy that delivers customer-centric agility and resiliency leveraging the collective intelligence of an industry. The TraceLink Opus Digital Network Platform enables speed of open innovation and implementation with a partner ecosystem for no-code and low-code development of solutions and applications.