TPIsoftware is Crowned Winner of Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award 2022 for MIT Spirit & Disruption

TAIPEI, Nov. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — TPIsoftware, the internationally acclaimed software solution provider driving digital transformation in Taiwan and overseas, announced its recent achievement of being awarded the 29th Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award for its future-proof and forward-thinking in-house developed software product DigiFusion. Following the recognition from Future Commerce Awards 2022 and Taiwan Excellence Awards 2023, TPIsoftware is on a roll this year.

Returning for the 29th year, the Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award celebrates innovation across industries, and TPIsoftware has demonstrated its ground-breaking technology and the potential to disrupt industries. DigiFusion, the enterprise service middleware built with microservices and PaaS architecture, aims to help businesses build resilient services. It “integrates complex API and log management in two individual platforms to solve the demand for API management, database management and information security management of enterprises,” and “supports deployment in various environments to enable information interchange and easy implementation to reduce lead-time,” according to the award judges. 100% made in Taiwan, DigiFusion was granted “6 utility model patents and 4 invention patents,” which leads the way in technical innovation and industry impact.

65% of the world’s GDP is predicted to be driven by digitalization, and 75% of organizations expect to have clear digital transformation roadmaps, according to Deloitte’s research. This is where DigiFusion comes into play. Featuring API and log management, integration with BPM, FIDO authentication and CI/CD, DigiFusion has boosted the development efficiency up to 80%-90% with high flexibility and scalability for businesses, which rivals the global tech giants.

Ben Yao, CEO of TPIsoftware, said, “This great achievement manifests that we have created waves across all industries in Taiwan; besides the awards we received, we have entered the overseas market with several success cases and strategic partnerships. We will continue to draw on our years of experience and insights to deliver maximum business value to our clients and partners.”

About TPIsoftware

TPIsoftware is a software provider delivering enterprise software and one-stop solutions. It has two main products –the enterprise service middleware DigiFusion and the AI-powered product to help enterprises succeed in digital transformation. TPIsoftware also specializes in FinTech, InsurTech, GIS, AIoT, smart healthcare, UI/UX solutions and more, providing professional services domestically and overseas.

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