TPIsoftware Empowers Cathay Life Insurance to Pioneer Seamless Digital Customer Experience with Co-Browsing Service

TAIPEI, Dec. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In response to a surge in online insurance purchases driven by COVID-19 pandemic, the relaxation of regulations and the rising contactless economy, insurers are all riding the wave of the boom to provide more diversified products and services. TPIsoftware and Cathay Life Insurance have partnered up in launching the pioneering co-browsing customer service, offering optimized and seamless digital experience.

Whenever consumers are looking for specific information or have inquiries about the online insurance products, they can initiate a co-browsing session with a live chat agent on the product pages and enjoy personalized and professional consultation without face-to-face interactions. With real-time collaborative browsing and screen sharing, customer service agents are able to provide customers with immediate support, which not only enables efficient problem solving but enhances customer engagement, retention and loyalty in the long run.

Robust InsurTech Revolutionizing the Industry

Known for its strong FinTech expertise, TPIsoftware also prides itself as an expert in InsurTech. With a growing need for digital transformation in the insurance industry, TPIsoftware has helped several iconic insurers in Taiwan digitalize services, including Cathay Life. With TPIsoftware’s planning and building of the cloud environment, Cathay Life implements the co-browsing software for its online insurance pages to provide customer services more than just remote access; agents can answer customer questions by viewing, navigating and guiding the page for less tech-savvy customers in real time, creating personalized communication and digital customer experience with a human touch. The co-browsing service can be accessed through desktops and mobile devices without installation or plugin.

Cloud Deployment Boosting Customer Experience

Compared to traditional offline insurance plans, which are restricted by sales channels and lengthy paperwork process, online insurance is gaining popularity for featuring convenience, flexible plans and simplified application. While some people still have doubts about this new type of insurance, building seamless and user-friendly communication has become the key.

“In addition to the cloud deployment with regulatory compliance, TPIsoftware has built exclusive monitoring and instant alert mechanisms to ensure security of the co-browsing service for Cathay Life.” said Yilan Yeh, the vice president at TPIsoftware.

Ben Yao, CEO of TPIsoftware, said: “A shift to cloud is taking off across industries, as systems deployed on clouds can be more adaptive and responsive to changes with better resource management and data integration. Cloud-based customer service allows more efficient customer support. From assessment, strategy planning to deployment, TPIsoftware excels at fostering cloud transformation for all industries.”

About TPIsoftware

Founded in 2005, TPIsoftware is a software provider based in Taiwan delivering enterprise software and one-stop solutions to businesses in various industries. Having received several awards and patents, it has two main products –the enterprise service middleware DigiFusion and the AI-powered product to help enterprises succeed in digital transformation. TPIsoftware also specializes in FinTech, InsurTech, GIS, AIoT, smart healthcare, UI/UX solutions and more, providing professional services domestically and overseas.

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