TPIsoftware and KCT Strike Strategic Partnership to Unlock the Japanese Market

TAIPEI, Aug. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — TPIsoftware has recently announced a strategic alliance with Knowledge Creation Technology (KCT), a Japanese leading IT solution provider, to intensify the cooperation between Taiwan and Japan’s software technology industry and penetrate the Japanese market.

Followed by a MoU signing with the business matching and support of a representative body of information service industries in Taiwan and ISCO from Japan, the two companies have synergized the market focus and the strengths of each other; they will now jointly harness the market insights to better serve local customers. This alliance will target the BFSI sector in Tokyo and Okinawa to address its digital transformation pain points. Both parties have reached an agreement of distribution of TPIsoftware’s enterprise digital service product DigiFusion on a mutually beneficial goal. DigiFusion features digiRunner, an enterprise-level API management platform, and digiLogs, a centralized log management platform. With its innovation and the patented technology, digiRunner empowers businesses to leverage diverse resources and manage APIs with ease, building a thriving API-enabled ecosystem. Besides, digiLogs allows businesses to manage massive log data with better IT operational efficiency and data governance.

This international collaboration is a step forward for TPIsoftware to expand into the Japanese market. TPIsoftware is currently building win-win partnerships across the Asia-Pacific region with several signed partners. TPIsoftware seeks to grow the ecosystem in the APAC market and establish local partnership networks. Its subsidiaries in Singapore and Vietnam allow it to provide direct customer support to actively “Act Local”.

“We are thrilled to partner with KCT to tap into a new market,” said Ben Yao, CEO of TPIsoftware, “Our long-term goal is to adopt a global perspective and fuse the expertise of different countries to serve customers worldwide. We welcome more international partners to join us.”

Masayuki Kawamura, CEO of KCT, commented as follows, “Through this alliance, we are confident that the synergy between TPIsoftware’s technologies and products and our own technologies will contribute to solving issues and promoting digital transformation of our customers in Japan.”

About Knowledge Creation Technology KCT is a system integrator based in Otemachi, Japan. Its handling ranges from IBM large systems to cloud, mobile and development.

About TPIsoftware TPIsoftware is a Taiwanese software provider with focus in APIM, AI chatbots, FinTech and more, delivering services and solutions domestically and overseas.

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