TPBot Car from ELECFREAKS wins 2022 IDEA Bronze Award

SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The TPBot Car launched by ELECFREAKS ( won the INTERNATIONAL DESIGN EXCELLENCE AWARDS (IDEA) 2022 Bronze Award, hosted by the INDUSTRIAL DESIGNERS SOCIETY OF AMERICA, ahead of many outstanding products.

THE INTERNATIONAL DESIGN EXCELLENCE AWARDS (IDEA) is one of the longest-running and most prestigious design awards in existence. The awards recognize excellence in industrial design, and each year, design teams from around the world submit thousands of entries, making IDEA known as one of the world’s largest and most anticipated annual awards.

INDUSTRIAL DESIGNERS SOCIETY OF AMERICA says: “TPBot is a smart coding toy, helping children learn how to code while having fun. Straight out of the box, it can be used as a fun toy with its built-in functions. Insert the micro:bit circuit board and it turns into a teaching aid. Children learn to code using MakeCode by programming the TPBot to perform tasks, like following a designated path across the floor. TPBot is compatible with Building Blocks, extending children’s imagination and creativity.”

“We are honored to receive the IDEA award and thank the users who use our educational products for their love and recognition of our products.” said Song, Product Team leader of ELECFREAKS, the world’s leading provider of artificial intelligence educational equipment.

Almost all smart cars on the micro:bit market are in bare PCB form, which is not only rudimentary in appearance but also a safety hazard, especially for children who may suffer from electric shock and scratch injuries due to direct contact with the PCB. As introduced by the INDUSTRIAL DESIGNERS SOCIETY OF AMERICA, the TPBot launched by ELECFREAKS solves this problem very well.

Unlike the simple form of other programming education products on the market, the overall shape of the TPBot intelligent car design is a cute piggy, all-around ABS plastic shell package that greatly enhances safety, to avoid causing electric shock to children, scratches, and misuse of injury.

We know that interest is the best teacher. First of all, we will stimulate children’s enthusiasm for learning, and then we will impart knowledge. The TPBot Car launched by ELECFREAKS creatively designs the ultrasonic transmitter and receiver heads as eyes. The whole product faces children with a round and lovely form, attracting children’s love from the visual aspect and thus increasing the interest in learning programming. More importantly, through appearance, structure, and circuit design, the production cost is significantly reduced under the premise of guaranteeing performance, making its selling price even cheaper, compared with the smart car with the PCB bare board form.

The TPBot Car is a micro:bit programmable smart car. It not only can be a toy that can perform entertainment functions such as line patrol and obstacle avoidance when it is not plugged into the micro:bit motherboard, but it can also be a teaching tool, through which you can learn programming skills. It can also be extended to electronic modules and blocks to fully stimulate the child’s imagination and creativity.


Material: ABS plastic, PCB circuit board Size: 113 * 128 * 90mm Weight: 400g Programming method: support makecode graphical programming, Python code programming Expandability: support 4-way sensor interface and 4-way servo interface Battery: 4 * 1.5V (AAA) dry batteries Price: $39.90

The design of the intelligent car is inspired by the traditional Chinese mythological story “Journey to the West” in the image of Pigsy. The image of Pigsy’s naive and charming image is deeply loved by children all over the world. The beautiful cartoon appearance can attract the attention of children, but also stimulate the children’s interest in traditional Chinese culture, which is conducive to the collision and integration of Eastern and Western cultures.

Information technology construction and AI education are important strategies for the future development of countries around the world. In order to develop information technology, we must first cultivate information technology talents. So it is a very important step to start learning programming technology from a young age, and TPBot Car is the most suitable tool to learn programming technology.

Education is a long work. ELECFREAKS will continue to polish its products, delve into teaching content, and continue to create value for education.

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