Towards a Universal EV Charging Standard: Learn All About NACS with Free Webinar from SINBON

April 3 webinar led by leading electronic design service provider to explore questions such as:

Why such a broad shift to embracing NACS recently? Is NACS the best mainstream charging standard? What other options are there? How does it help charging point operators and drivers alike? How are SINBON and key EV players creating industry value with NACS? What does SINBON envision for the future of EV charging?

TAIPEI, March 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — SINBON, a Taiwan-based electronic interconnect design and integration service provider, is announcing it will hold a free, openly accessible webinar titled “New Eras – NACS EV Charging Solution” to share insights and expertise on the North American Charging Standard (NACS) recently adopted by numerous top car makers. A champion of advancing both sustainability and innovation in the EV industry, SINBON is the first electronic design service provider in Greater China to secure NACS certification and is hosting this webinar to educate on the potential for NACS to further accelerate the green energy transition.

SINBON | New Eras – NACS EV Charging Solution Webinar

To learn more from SINBON’s experts on the value of NACS, please sign up at:

Time: April 3, 2024 at 10:00 AM EST

If you’re unable to join during the scheduled webinar time, please visit SINBON’s website to access the recording after the event and stay up-to-date with all the valuable content shared:

Program highlights

Formerly only used by Tesla, NACS has now been adopted by major US, European, and Japanese car brands, putting it on track to potentially become universal. In addition to smaller, lighter connectors, it eliminates the need for proprietary chargers, effectively democratizing EV charging infrastructure and boosting convenience to drivers.

On top of these benefits, the webinar will explore:

The market diversity among existing mainstream charging standards Analysis of the market’s response to NACS, as observed from both OEMs and EVSE companies An in-depth examination of SINBON’s competitor analysis The new J3400 standard versus NACS and how SINBON meets both Exclusive insights into SINBON’s market developing direction

Top heat management and ergonomics

As an early adopter of NACS, SINBON secured certification for its AC/DC charging cable from the global safety science leader UL Solutions in December 2023. Its NACS charging cable stands out for several advantages, including:

Slimness and high flexibility while maintaining maximal voltage and current (up to 400A) Unparalleled temperature control with a built-in sensor and other forms of overheating protection Robust durability and safety: dust- and waterproof with IP67 certification and has undergone rigorous safety and durability tests in a variety of harsh conditions Comprehensive compatibility with its swappable connector Includes Tesla’s “One-Press Unlock” feature

Leading e-mobility and beyond

In the EV industry, SINBON has distinguished itself with top-tier simulation testing software for diverse applications, strong technical and design expertise, and mature supply chains built around automation.

More broadly, the brand has a strong reputation for a high degree of customer centricity, spanning flexible manufacturing capabilities, a deep level of customization, design optimization, rapid response, and staying at the forefront of innovation to ensure that customers benefit from the latest technologies. To accomplish this, it embraces the role of consultant, providing technical counsel and developing relationships with customers over time to ensure that SINBON solutions continue working well for them.

About SINBON Electronics

Established in 1989 in Taiwan, SINBON Electronics is a leading provider of integrated design and production services of bespoke interconnect solutions. Thanks to its expertise in the e-mobility field, SINBON’s solutions improve overall sustainability and help address one of the largest global challenges, climate change. Currently, the group is expanding their know-how and experiences from the standardized automotive applications into more bespoke markets such as autonomous and micro-mobility applications.

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