TotalMedia Debuts Groundbreaking “Ultra HD + AI” Video Encoder Series at Broadcast Asia in Singapore

Revolutionizing Broadcast Technology

SINGAPORE, May 21, 2024 TotalMedia Inc., the US based broadcast technology company today announces that it will launch its new encoder series at Broadcast Asia Exhibition in Singapore.

Visitors could explore this next generation video encoder at Ideal System’s booth, TotalMedia’s APAC Partner, where TotalMedia and Ideal will demonstrate multiple outstanding features of the encoder.

TotalMedia “UHD+AI” video Encoder is designed to provide high-quality, efficient video encoding for various use cases, including live streaming, on-demand video, and AI enhancement for broadcast workflows

“It was designed to provide high-quality, efficient video encoding for various use cases, including live streaming, on-demand video, and AI enhancement for broadcast workflows.” said William Wong, CEO of the TotalMedia, “The new TotalMedia Encoder runs on standard Dell servers optimized for high-quality video encoding, supports various codecs and standards, offering scalability to handle large volumes of video content, whether it’s live streams with millions of concurrent viewers or on-demand video libraries with extensive catalogs.”

TotalMedia’s encoder series comes with maximum flexibility, performance, and AI enhancement with state-of-the-art software defined architecture, enabling flexible video pipeline customization and deployment. It offers the highest performance density, supports up to 8K, and allows easy AI tools integration with existing video processing and transcoding pipelines.

It takes the encoder to the next level by supporting various video over IP protocols and providing versatile AI-based video quality enhancements integrated seamlessly into the transcoding pipeline, such as Content Adaptive Encoding for lower bandwidth costs, Smart Portrait mode video creation for mobile, delivering Super Resolution, Frame Rate Up-conversion, SDR to HDR Up-conversion, Smart Color Enhancement, De-fog, Smart Sharpness for visual fidelity, De-noise and Scratch Removal for the restoration of old titles, etc.

At Broadcast Asia, we will demonstrate how TotalMedia’s encoding solutions integrate with Ideal Systems’ Alice Cloud Orchestration and Bitmovin’s cloud capabilities to deliver ultra-low latency UHD experiences for major events. This robust platform not only integrates seamlessly with existing media workflows and AI systems but also scales effectively on-demand, ensuring broadcasters and content providers can meet evolving market demands effortlessly.

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