TopOn mediation platform now officially supports Google partner bidding (Beta)

Maximize The Revenue: All Publishers Can Now Access Google Bidding with TopOn Mediation

GUANGZHOU, China, Feb. 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — We’re excited to share with all our publishers that publishers can now use Google partner bidding (Beta) with TopOn mediation platform to optimize ad revenue strategies.

Google partner bidding now enables publishers to access Google demand as a bidding source on TopOn. With Google partner bidding, publishers can now allow Google (Google Ads, Display & Video 360) to bid on TopOn real-time bidding auctions.

“Today, TopOn is excited to announce that you have more choices as Google bidding is now available to all publishers using real-time bidding. As the mobile app market continues its dynamic growth, adopting in-app bidding is becoming increasingly essential for monetization success.” Said Harry Yang, Chief Marketing Operation on TopOn.

In-app bidding offers publishers numerous advantages for revenue enhancement. Those who adopt bidding methods see increased benefits due to higher demand. Key advantages for publishers using TopOn in-app bidding include:

Maximize revenue

Boost total earnings through real-time bidding with access to the largest ad sources. With this automatic integration to bidding now, developers are immediately able to leverage the benefits of having the largest bidding partner in the industry bid on their traffic. When every demand source bids in an open and fair real-time auction you see more competition for your inventory, which means better prices for every impression.

Total Transparency

All demand sources are treated equally, fostering a fair bidding environment for each source.

Simplify mediation

By removing the burden of maintaining complex waterfalls, bidding helps you increase operational efficiency, so your team can focus on driving more impact for your business. In addition, bidding allows you to easily add more demand sources, helping you increase competition for your inventory with minimal effect on latency and freeing up operational resources.

Long-term sustainability

Leverage a safe ecosystem that establishes trust and supports user retention.

Accessing Google bidding to TopOn mediation is a key milestone for us, underscoring our drive to boost in-app bidding adoption and push for a marketplace that’s transparent and equitable. We’re looking forward to further collaboration with Google and our community of publishers to continue advancing growth and innovation in the field.

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