Top Processor Industry Leader Visits DFI at Computex 2024 to Explore the Concept for Future EV Charger

TAIPEI, June 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The topic of “Edge AI” continues to garner significant attention from major global companies during Computex 2024. Sachin Katti, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Network and Edge Group at Intel, visited the DFI‘s booth for the concept of future AI Smart Energy-Efficient Charging Station, equipped with a Large Language Model (LLM) and developed on an energy-saving platform to reduce AI workloads and enhance energy efficiency. Plans are in place to gradually introduce the new technology into various self-service machines across different fields, meeting the needs of self-service kiosk markets and accelerating the deployment of AIoT and IIoT applications.

As the world’s leading brand in embedded motherboards and industrial computers, DFI and Intel jointly showcased the AI Smart Energy-Efficient Charging in Taiwan. This demonstration highlights the future of EV charger features integrated LLMs and Workload Consolidation technologies, allowing CPU resources to be shared for AI computing. It also utilizes virtualization technology to support multiple operating systems (OS), effectively enhancing energy efficiency. This meets several ESG criteria while addressing the demand for AI technology in unmanned vertical application fields.

The AI Smart Energy-Efficient Charging Pile on display incorporates LLMs, enabling smart interactive applications such as recommending nearby dining options or linking with public facilities and events, effectively reducing hardware investment and leveraging public resources. This promotes the integration of various devices and simplifies hardware architecture to meet the application needs of different workloads.

DFI President Alexander Su stated that in the face of the increasing edge AI workload, technological development is key to maintaining competitiveness. The Workload Consolidation Platform is a result of the technical collaboration between DFI and Intel. By utilizing DFI’s industrial-grade motherboards and Intel’s latest processors, the AI computation and energy performance in edge AI devices are enhanced, improving operational efficiency for enterprise customers and providing innovative services.

In essence, the AI Smart Energy-Efficient Charger offers a highly flexible and expandable platform and employs Specialized AI for semantic recognition. By training LLMs, it realizes unmanned automation application scenarios, providing users with customized services and promoting advertising sales. The unmanned application concept showcased is not only suitable for charging piles but can also be replicated in other diverse fields, bringing a smarter and more sustainable future to the world.

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