TooliP unveils real-time AI-powered patent translation service

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TooliP is a service that facilitates the instantaneous translation of patent documents through the utilization of AI language models specifically trained on patent-related content. Launched on November 13, 2023, TooliP, derived from the combination of “Tool” and “IP,” represents a groundbreaking translation tool featuring an innovative AI-powered engine designed exclusively for patent document translation.

TooliP unveils real-time AI-powered patent translation service

TooliP is a service that employs deep learning technology, utilizing a training dataset comprised of approximately 100 million sentence pairs from patent specifications. Users can receive high-quality translations tailored specifically for patent-related content, encompassing specialized jargon and technical terms. Drawing from a patent database developed in collaboration with patent attorneys and professional translators, TooliP offers editing features such as a similar sentence recommendation function, word matching within sentences, and a straightforward word correction function. These capabilities facilitate more straightforward sentence verification and enhance the overall user experience.

While TooliP primarily focuses on patent document translation, its services can also be extended to general text translation. Moreover, its document translation feature supports a variety of formats (such as docx, pdf, hlz) through a user-friendly upload method. When it comes to patent specification documents, TooliP goes beyond basic translation. It analyzes the document’s overall structure and sentence forms, harnessing a extensive artificial intelligence resources to ensure more precise and accurate translations.

Lee Geon-Cheol, the developer and CEO of TooliP, is an expert with years of experience as a patent attorney. Drawing on his extensive knowledge and expertise accumulated over the years, he dedicated considerable time to research and development in collaboration with the AI department. Eventually, in 2023, he successfully launched the TooliP service, providing real-time translation and editing/viewing capabilities for patent documents based on artificial intelligence.

Translations of patent specifications require a higher level of specificity and accuracy than other specialized translation. TooliP empowers its users to streamline the translation process, enabling them to easily save approximately 80% or more of their current translation labor time. Currently, TooliP supports two-way translation between Korean and English, Korean and Japanese, and Korean and Chinese. However, the platform is set to expand its language offerings soon, including translations involving Russian, German, and French.

To celebrate the service launch, TooliP is currently offering the free use of all its services during the first month after sign-up. Additional details can be found on the company’s website or by

Users who have tried TooliP for the first time have been highly impressed by the service’s ability to generate specialized translations for patent specifications with a high level of accuracy.

TooliP has garnered attention as a specialized service that utilizes AI language models trained exclusively on patent documents.  When compared to conventional methods, TooliP enables real-time translation of patent documents with a remarkable reduction of over 80% in the time required for translating and editing patent specifications.