Tokyo-based start-up VoicePing Launches Cutting-Edge Real-time AI Voice Translation for Global Corporate Communication

TOKYO, Jan. 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In an era where AI shapes the future of communication, humans still dream of seamless voice translation to bridge language gaps. Despite the surge in AI trends, major tech giants have made limited strides in actualizing this dream. However, Tokyo’s innovative enterprise, VoicePing, has embraced this challenge, launching a visionary product that promises to revolutionize voice translation for the corporate world.

Introducing VoicePing: A Pioneering Leap in AI-Driven Communication

VoicePing has already garnered over 3,000 B2B active users, including prominent Japanese corporations like DENSO Corporation and DENKA Corporation. The VoicePing mobile app offers amazingly fast live translation and transcription, while its PC app has live subtitles for all online meeting tools, enhancing communication in meetings and negotiations across 45 languages. VoicePing sets itself apart in the AI communication tool sector by developing an original AI Speech to Text and Translation model specifically for Asian languages, offering exceptional accuracy and fluency, a feat achieved by a top-tier team from Google, SoftBank, IBM, and Rakuten.

In-person Voice Translation with VoicePing Mobile App

This cutting-edge mobile application stands as a testament to VoicePing’s commitment to revolutionizing communication. It offers instantaneous and accurate voice translation and transcription services, making it an indispensable tool for international business professionals. The app supports a wide array of languages, with a particular focus on Asian languages such as Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese and so on. Additionally, the transcription feature serves as a valuable tool for documentation, aiding in the post-meeting wrap-up and ensuring that no critical information is lost. Therefore, it is an excellent tool for business travelers, offering on-the-spot voice translation capabilities that facilitate smooth communication in foreign environments

Online meeting subtitles with PC Application

VoicePing extends its innovative approach to desktop environments with a PC application that integrates live subtitle features. This application is particularly useful in virtual meetings and webinars, where it can provide real-time translation and transcription of discussions. The application’s capability to overlay subtitles directly onto other applications, like Zoom, Google Meets or Microsoft Teams, enhances the utility and user experience significantly, making every meeting more inclusive and accessible.

Live Translation with one QR Code for Global Events

Recognizing the need for efficient translation services in large-scale events, VoicePing introduces a unique QR code system. This feature is designed to manage large audiences, such as in exhibitions, seminars, and international conferences. Attendees can simply scan the QR code to access real-time translation services on their devices, allowing them to follow speeches and presentations in their preferred language. This system can support events with over a thousand participants, demonstrating VoicePing’s commitment to scalability and inclusivity.

Why VoicePing Stands Apart: Pioneering AI for Asian Language Mastery

In the competitive landscape of AI-powered communication tools, VoicePing distinguishes itself through its specialized focus on developing an AI Speech to Text and Translation model tailored for Asian languages.

VoicePing’s AI model is not a mere adaptation of existing Western-centric language models. It is a ground-up development, leveraging the latest advancements in AI and machine learning. The model is trained on vast datasets of Asian languages, ensuring that it captures the linguistic intricacies and cultural contexts specific to each language. This training allows VoicePing to offer a level of accuracy and fluency in translation and transcription that is rarely seen in other products. This unique approach, driven by a stellar team drawn from tech giants like Google, SoftBank, IBM, and Rakuten, positions VoicePing not just as a product but as a pioneer in the field.

The Vision: Translation-First Work Suite for Global Communications

At its core, VoicePing embodies a vision to create a translation-first work suite, uniquely designed for global communication companies. It’s not just about overcoming language barriers; it’s about providing a comprehensive online office solution. VoicePing integrates advanced features like conference meeting tools and productivity management into its platform, making it much more than a translation service. This holistic approach ensures that companies operating in the international arena can manage their communications, collaborations, and operations seamlessly. VoicePing’s suite addresses every aspect of global business interaction, from real-time multilingual discussions to efficient project management, all within a single, user-friendly environment. By offering these diverse functionalities, VoicePing positions itself as an essential tool for any business looking to thrive in the global marketplace, ensuring that language differences no longer pose a challenge to productivity and collaboration.

Raising Star in AI, Backed by Major Investments and Partnerships

VoicePing is swiftly gaining traction in the AI industry, underscored by a significant $2 million investment from Rozetta Inc, Japan’s AI translation leader. This seed funding reflects confidence in VoicePing’s innovative approach. Moving forward, VoicePing is collaborating with top-tier funds and accelerators, including 500 Global, Alchemist Accelerator, and Moon Creative Lab. These partnerships not only bring financial support but also open doors to wider expertise and networks, fueling VoicePing’s growth and potential in transforming global communication through AI.

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Corporate Profile:
– Name: VoicePing Inc.
– HQ: Tokyo
– CEO: Akinori Nakajima
– Capital: $2.09 Million USD
– Established in 09/2019