To Build a Future-oriented IT Foundation, H3C Helps Goertek to Build a Factory in Vietnam

VINH, Vietnam, Oct. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — At present, the trend of digitalization has swept through various industries, and a complete and comprehensive IT infrastructure has become the foundation of digital transformation. In terms of manufacturing industry, to build a digital industrial campus compatible with the present and future, it is necessary to achieve a high degree of unity and smooth operation between production and work from multiple dimensions such as computing, storage, network and security.

Especially in the current trend of the globalization of the manufacturing industry, how to build a highly informative and digital campus overseas is not only a test of the technical strength of IT suppliers, but also a test of delivery and service abilities. Recently, Goertek, a leading enterprise in China’s electroacoustic industry, joined hands with H3C to promote the construction of Goertek Industrial Campus in Nghe An, Vietnam. Through a series of advanced equipment such as switches, routers and servers of H3C, a comprehensive, efficient and intelligent factory IT infrastructure has been formed, which promotes the construction of Goertek Industrial Campus in Nghe An, Vietnam, and lays a solid foundation for the overseas practice of “intelligent manufacturing”.

The leading electroacoustic enterprise settled in Nghe An, Vietnam to construct information-based industrial campus “from scratch”

Goertek has been mainly engaged in the research, development, manufacturing and sales of sound and photoelectric precision components and precision structural parts, intelligent machines, and high-end equipment, and has maintained long-term strategic cooperative relations with the top brands in the fields of smart wear, virtual/augmented reality, smart headset, smart home and so on. The construction of a new factory in Nghe An, Vietnam is an important step in Goertek’s overseas strategic layout, and it hopes to give full play to its advantages in the field of intelligent manufacturing to build a highly digital industrial campus. This requires the construction of IT infrastructure such as network, storage and security from the underlying at the beginning of planning.

However, building IT foundation “from scratch” faces a series of complicated problems: For example, IT infrastructure should be fully integrated with the business characteristics of enterprises. The manufacturing industry pays more attention to security, reliability and flexibility to ensure the stable operation of production and work. Considering the further deepening of digital transformation, enterprises will have new businesses and new forms of business, so the network system design should be reliable, efficient, safe, and forward-looking to leave enough space for future business upgrading and innovation. In addition, industrial parks are often energy-consuming, so it is necessary to systematically plan IT infrastructure architecture, optimize resource utilization, and give full play to comprehensive efficiency.

In addition, due to the complexity and long-term of the IT infrastructure construction, the supplier should not only provide detailed plan design, but also need to participate in hardware equipment installation and debugging, server  operating system deployment, and establishment of network, security and computing infrastructure management systems, as well as the maintenance service and after-sales guarantee after putting into use, which puts forward high requirements for local delivery and service abilities.

Covering the whole life cycle of information system, H3C lays the “IT foundation” of industrial campus

As the mainstream supplier of information construction of Goertek, H3C has provided the overall plan of IT infrastructure for Goertek Industrial Campus in Nghe An, Vietnam. In the construction of the network environment, H3C adopts the principle of distinguishing areas and domains and introduces different IT equipment, covering the construction of Internet area, server area, WAN area, campus access area, work and production network and GTK all-purpose card network.

This scheme optimizes the wired and wireless network of the campus according to the needs of the manufacturing industry for further integration. Enterprises can flexibly deploy network equipment according to the campus planning to realize “no dead corners” on the campus, ensure network transmission efficiency and environmental stability, achieve security, visibility, manageability and controllability, provide guarantee for work and production of enterprises.

Meanwhile, in terms of server and storage architecture design, IT facilities provided by H3C can meet various R&D and application requirements. On the basis of large capacity, high performance, and high efficiency, it stores data in different levels according to the frequency and priority of data usage, realizing data management throughout the life cycle, and ensuring data reliability and security. This solution supports two-node and three-node disaster recovery. When a single data node fails, damages and other accidents occur, other nodes can support the seamless and smooth operation of the campus and recover data, reducing the cost and risk of enterprise production and operation.

Therefore, H3C has built an infrastructure foundation covering the whole campus, whole business and full lifecycle for Goertek. The advantages of system visualization and intelligence will significantly reduce the time cost of enterprise operation and maintenance, and improve work efficiency and global control ability. Enterprises can flexibly deploy all businesses on the existing IT infrastructure, reduce the human input in development, planning, and configuration, and concentrate more resources on the services themselves.

IT infrastructure construction is forward-looking, and facilitates the campus to become a “smart factory” in the future

Goertek Industrial Campus in Nghe An, Vietnam has also attracted industry attention for its forward-looking IT infrastructure system construction, which is not the traditional sense of “preparing more network bandwidth and storage space”: On the one hand, the equipment provided by H3C can meet the network and  storage needs of the campus in the next three years, while supporting software definition, which means that enterprises can adjust equipment at any time according to their own business development, or even upgrade the campus into a “smart factory”, further liberating operation and maintenance efficiency and production efficiency. On the other hand, the IT infrastructure of the campus is open, mature, intelligent and flexible. It is compatible with current and future mainstream digital technologies and solutions, suitable for diversified application development, and in turn enables enterprise business innovation.

In addition, the localization team of H3C is fully responsible for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the campus after it is put into use. Not only will there be a dedicated team at the construction site to provide technical, product and solution support, but the remote team in China will also answer and guide all kinds of complex problems one by one, helping the construction of the campus to advance efficiently and get ready for later use.

Up to now, H3C has established 12 overseas branches, certified more than 1,000 overseas partners and more than 200 overseas service partners, enabling H3C to deliver services in 135 countries overseas, support Chinese enterprises to launch overseas operations, and help various industries complete digital transformation in many countries.

H3C’s leading solutions and local ecological support also make Goertek Industrial Campus with replicable experience in planning and construction, and create an information industrial campus model in Nghe An, Vietnam. It is also expected to become the benchmark of “multinational manufacturing” and “smart factory”, and help improve the competitiveness of the local manufacturing industry. In the future, H3C will continue to export advanced ICT technology to build a solid foundation for the digital transformation of more countries and industries.