To become the Smart Application Exporting country – 2023 World System Integrator Conference opens a new era

2023 WSIC Transforms Taiwan into an Exporter of Smart Applications

TAIPEI, March 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The 2023 World System Integrator Conference (WSIC) was hosted by the Administration for Digital Industries (adi), Ministry of Digital Affairs (moda), at the Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2, on March 29 (Wednesday). The  Deputy Director-General of the Administration for Digital Industries (adi), Jiunn-Shiow Lin, and Brian Shen, Chairman of  the Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry Organization ( ASOCIO), delivered opening speeches. More than 150 executives from digital applications firms, directors of industry associations, and members of delegations from around the world attended the event.

This year’s event, themed “Digital Transformations Make Technology Symphony” and with a focus on two key topics, Digital Technology and Applications to Promote Global Sustainable Development and Digital Transformations to Strengthen International Partnerships and Collaborations, aims to explore the opportunities presented by the export of digital solutions for smart cities in a move to keep up with the emerging trends in the global digital sector. Industry representatives from Thailand and Vietnam were invited to witness the signing of six memoranda of understanding (MOUs), among them:

JGB Smart Property who will provide advisory services to Philippines-based Meta Capital and Thailand-based SIC Property Services, both of whom will build efficiency-optimized smart property management systems, Eupfin Technology who will collaborate with Philippines-based Sky Movement to develop and implement logistics fleet management systems in the country’s industrial zones, Mayo who will install cloud-based human resources systems in the offices and factories of several of Vietnam’s high-end electronics makers, Pakingtek and Singapore’s Ochlos System who will join hands to build a smart parking and electric charging system, and Shaku Technology who will partner with Philippines-based Klikit Pte Ltd. to create an IPaaS integration platform.

In his speech at the conference, Mr. Lin noted that in the digital era, digital technology will continue to play a crucial role as a catalyst for innovation across all industries and as a key component in accomplishing sustainable development goals. Digital integration can connect various technologies and sectors to form a new ecosystem that has a greater positive impact on society and the economy. By assisting with media relations and business negotiations, launching international marketing initiatives, hosting thematic industry forums, and becoming involved in overseas demonstration projects, the Administration will facilitate local digital solution providers’ efforts in making their digitalization capabilities available in overseas markets and in growing their business footprint internationally. The signing of six MOUs serves as yet another example of the island’s success in exporting digital solutions to global markets and emphasizes the significance of the Administration’s role in fostering digital applications.

The conference welcomed ASOCIO members, as well as manufacturers located in Taiwan and the UK, to examine and elaborate on smart living, smart mobility, and data applications. Experts from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) were also invited to share their perspectives on the design and planning of digital resources for regional development, while meetings were arranged between leading local providers of digital solutions and Thai and Vietnamese industry organizations during which they discussed the intelligence needs and solutions of their respective nations.

WSIC serves as a forum for collaboration on the export of digital technology applications from Taiwan. Now in its fifth year, the forum will continue to support the promotion of Taiwan’s smart system integration solutions worldwide, establishing the island as a reliable source of digital solutions for all. The forum will also become the place where cross-domain services with Taiwan values are developed, where Taiwan’s brand value will establish an international footprint, and from where the digital industry gains new momentum.