Titan.ium Platform, LLC and Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier Announce 5G Expansion of their InterGENerational Platforms

New 5G and Cloud Native Solutions support Early Movers with Transition to 5G

BONN, Germany and LOWELL, Mass., Feb. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier and Titan.ium Platform, LLC® have expanded their partnership with the addition of Titan.ium’s 5G and Cloud Native framework.

The new framework solution supports Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier’s innovative 5G roaming environment, which allows early movers to trial and the ability to scout their roaming needs in any 5G implementation scenario. Within the environment, the company offers four different proof-of-concept [PoC] trials in the areas of 5G signaling and security, value-added services for 5G roaming, network slicing for roaming, and regional and local breakout.

“We’re pleased to build on an already successful partnership with Titan.ium Platform,” says Nicholas Nikrouyan, Vice President, Voice & Mobile Solutions at Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier. “Our aim is to lead the way in our industry transformation to 5G. Titan.ium has been supporting us every step of the way, addressing evolving customer demands and willing to experiment with us as we go through this journey. Our latest 5G roaming trials, for example, are designed to enable our partners’ continued success as we enter the new era of 5G.”

Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier fosters innovation with its PoC initiatives as it encourages active partnerships that allow the industry to jointly learn and master this technology transformation. The PoCs also offer operators the opportunity to test their hypotheses in advance before making strategic decisions.

“Our ultimate aim is to lend momentum to the industry so that it moves from passive collaboration to active cooperation in service delivery. The learnings from the PoC environments pave the way towards the necessary mindset transformation that will see 5G SA potentially enable a whole new world of telco service offerings,” adds Nikrouyan.

Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier and Titan.ium Platform have a long-standing and mutually fruitful partnership leveraging the multi-generational platform TITAN. Both partners work closely to deploy a range of 2G – 4G solutions across Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier and play a critical role in ensuring the highest quality networks around signaling, routing and security.

“Having Deutsche Telekom as a member of our family is an accolade that we take extremely seriously at all levels within our company,” says Matt Rosenberg, President of Titan.ium Platform, LLC. “We have worked with many of the regional teams at Deutsche Telekom over the years in providing an innovative InterGENerational platform that serves 2G – 4G applications across Europe. Deutsche Telekom continues to be a technology and innovation leader in the industry, and we are delighted to continue to provide our products and services with our 5G Cloud Native Framework.”

The Titan.ium Framework product is designed to reach the next evolution in performance, scale and ease of operations. It’s the ideal framework for the requirements of service providers for InterGENerational migration, providing vertical and horizontal scale-out with low latency. The framework is coupled with a suite of data replication capabilities that provide flexible architectural options, which can evolve with the changing network over time.

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