Tinno Upgrades Satellite Communication Solutions, Strengthening Multimode Terminal and Standard Satellite Communication Modules

SHENZHEN, China , May 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Tinno Technology Group Co., Ltd. (“Tinno”), an innovative provider of mobile communication products and services, has announced the latest upgrade to its satellite communication solutions for mobile devices. Following its clients’ product launch in early 2023, Tinno has also implemented the 3GPP R17 NTN development standard. This enables the company to provide a comprehensive, integrated satellite communication module solution that can be efficiently applied to a diverse range of equipment, including mobile phones, laptops, tablets, vehicles, IoT devices, and even phone cases.

Developed based on the MTK chip, the latest solution from Tinno is an intelligent multimode terminal that can connect with different networks to achieve seamless handoff between the satellite network and 5G SA/NSA, 4G TDD/FDD, UMTS, GSM, and Wi-Fi.

Currently, the global mobile communication network covers only 20 percent of land, 6 percent of the earth’s surface area, and even with a significantly large number of base stations in China, the network coverage is less than 40 percent, and the vast areas of ocean, desert, and forest are “information wasteland” that even the strongest cellular signal cannot enable calling or texting.

“As 2023MWC exhibition highlights satellite communication technology as a hot topic and “never losing connection” is now a must for everyone, it is anchored as the next big breakthrough in the high-end mobile phone market following the technology development trends of image upgrade, foldable screen, self-developed chips and more, and Tinno is committed to accelerate and lead the development of the technology together with our partners, leveraging our advantages and R&D strengths to create greater commercial values for our clients,” said David Guan, Sale VP of Tinno.

The Tinno Advantages

Tinno is devoted to aligning well the upstream and downstream satellite supply chain, getting through the satellite operators to chipset manufacturers, and providing customers with complete software and hardware end-to-end solutions based on MTK advanced satellite chipset!

It has debuted the world’s first Android phone supporting two-way satellite communication which realizes shorter transmission time and broader signal coverage that plays vital roles especially in search and rescue missions.

Tinno’s extensive global network partners with the world’s leading clients and brands to customize solutions following the specific requirements, while it’s also capable of delivering products of excellent quality.

Looking forward, Tinno will continue to work with partners to lead the development of future mobile satellite communication technology, promote the advancement of 6G communication networks, and create more extensive commercial value for customers.

About Tinno

Established in 2005, Tinno Technology Group Co., Ltd. is an ODM and innovative provider specializing in mobile communication products, devices, and solutions including smart phones, tablets, computers, AIoT, 5G millimeter-wave equipment as well as vehicle electronics. Its products and services are now supporting top clients across more than 80 countries and regions worldwide, including AT&T, T-Mobile,Motorola, Bullitt,  Xiaomi, Lenovo, Walmart, , China Telecom and more. Tinno is No.1 in China’s domestic overseas mobile phone ODM shipment and ranks top four worldwide.

For more information, please visit www.tinno.us