Tineco CARPET ONE Wins Silver Award at the 2022 International Design Excellence Awards

The world’s first smart carpet cleaner received a Silver Award for innovative design and improved consumer experience

SEATTLE, Sept. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tineco, pioneer in the field of smart home appliances engineered to elevate modern lifestyles and consumer experience with advanced designs and innovative technology, has been awarded a 2022 IDEA Silver Award for the CARPET ONE and was an IDEA “featured finalist” for the FLOOR ONE S5 Combo.


Hosted by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), IDEA is one of the world’s top three design awards, alongside Germany’s iF Design Award and Red Dot Design Award. IDEA has been the leading design award in North America since 1980. Key criteria for evaluation includes Design Innovation, Benefit to User, Benefit to Society, and others.

The Tineco CARPET ONE, a smart carpet and upholstery cleaner available in North America and most European countries, took home a Silver award while the FLOOR ONE S5 Combo was a Finalist this year. “Everyone at Tineco was full of excitement about these awards! We all strive to create the best products we can for our customers and were so happy to see our hard work recognized by such a highly-respected organization as IDSA. It’s truly an honor,” said Patrick Ho, head of Industrial Design at Tineco.

CARPET ONE Smart Carpet Cleaner

CARPET ONE makes carpet cleaning easy as well as offering other key consumer benefits. Equipped with the brand’s proprietary iLOOP smart sensing technology, CARPET ONE detects indiscernible dirt embedded deep within carpet fibers and automatically applies the necessary suction power and water for cleaning. With up to 130 AW of suction power and HeatedWash technology, this multi-functional device ensures hygienic cleaning on short or normal-length carpets, runner rugs, and even carpeted stairs. Maneuvering this carpet cleaner is easy, too, thanks to its reduced-weight and power-assisted steering.

The CARPET ONE stands out from the competition again by offering more than just a “push to wash, pull to dry” feature, as with other brands. Tineco’s carpet cleaner features a breakthrough PowerDry technology that allows the consumer to dry the carpets quickly after washing. At the touch of a button, residual water gets powerfully removed from surfaces as hot air continuously blows onto the carpet, saving families from having to wait a whole day for their soaked carpets to dry out.

FLOOR ONE S5 Combo Power Kit

The FLOOR ONE S5 Combo, a creative 2-in-1 floor washer and hand-vacuum from Tineco’s award-winning FLOOR ONE S5 Series, was a featured IDEA Finalist this year. Currently, the S5 Combo unit has been upgraded to become known as the FLOOR ONE S5 Combo Power Kit, which adds several attachments that transform this handvac into a fully-functional upright vacuum.

“Tineco is a consumer-centric company. It is important for us to provide an optimized experience for modern households and changing lifestyles,” said Patrick Ho, “We will continue to explore creative innovations and bring uncompromised products to our customers.”

The CARPET ONE Series and the FLOOR ONE S5 Series are available on the Tineco website and among major retailers.

About Tineco

Founded in 1998, Tineco dedicates itself to the engineering of premium household electronics that are helpful, easy to use, and smart. With over two decades of experience in the home cleaning industry, Tineco never stops innovating and is ready to create an easy smart life for everyone.

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