Tiger Distribution & Logistics Transforms its Supply Chain and Fulfillment Operations with Manhattan Scale

SINGAPORE, Oct. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Manhattan Associates Inc. (NASDAQ: MANH) today announced that Tiger Distribution & Logistics Company Limited (TSDC) has transformed their distribution centre operations through the implementation of Manhattan SCALE, improving warehouse efficiency by 20% without increasing staffing loads.

TSDCs Fulfillment Centre has floor space of over 40,000 sqm, with more than 120,000 SKUs in storage. Given the increased volume and product variety stored and managed within its distribution centre, inventory and order fulfillment became a complex process.

Due to recent business growth and increased complexity in omnichannel fulfillment, TSDC and ICC recognised the need to evolve its systems to meet market demand. Mr. Thitipoom Chokwatan, Vice President for ICC International and Director for TSDC, explained that “The customer experience is paramount in today’s omnichannel environment and to ensure that service expectations are being met, we realise the need to move towards more digitally enabled processes within our warehouse that enhanced our logistic capabilities. After a thorough review of available technologies, Manhattan SCALE was selected by TSDC to transform our warehouse through world-class warehouse and logistics management software.”

Manhattan SCALE seamlessly integrates with the diverse equipment at the TSDC Fulfillment Centre, including sorting machines and conveyor systems, transforming warehouse workflows. By streamlining the movement of goods, Manhattan SCALE optimises warehouse operations, ensuring efficient order processing and fulfillment. The smooth coordination between the system and equipment significantly enhances overall productivity while reducing processing times.

“The new system generates valuable data and reports, enabling our team to perform in-depth business analysis, evaluate performance, and strategise for the future. This data-driven approach empowers us to make informed decisions, optimise processes, and maximise distribution centre output and overall operations,” said Worachai Pathumapa from TSDC.

Through the adoption of Manhattan SCALE, TSDC achieved significant benefits across its operations, including a remarkable reduction of errors to less than 0.1% and an impressive increase in order fulfillment speed by up to 20%. This efficiency gain allowed Tiger to efficiently manage a growing volume of orders without the need for a proportional increase in manpower, leading to streamlined operations and optimised productivity.

“Operating with the Manhattan system allows our warehouse to process more than 112,000 orders per month, totalling more than 3 million products for each sale. Despite the increased workload, we have maintained the same amount of manpower to handle this output and remarkably complete tasks 20% faster – which is an amazing result,” said Worachai Pathumapa from TSDC. 

The automation capabilities of Manhattan SCALE have directly led to labour cost savings for TSDC. By automating various tasks and workflows, the system has reduced manpower requirements and working hours, resulting in a leaner and more accurate fulfillment and supply chain operation.

“Manhattan Associates is proud to be working with TSDC to optimise their warehouse operations. By leveraging Manhattan SCALE’s advanced warehouse management capabilities, TSDC can enhance distribution processes, identify areas for improvement, and seize new growth opportunities, ensuring the business remains competitive in the dynamic fashion retail landscape and meets the needs of its customers,” concluded Richard Wright, Managing Director for SEA for Manhattan Associates.

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