TIER IV shares verification and validation toolkit for Level 4 autonomous driving functions

TOKYO, Nov. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TIER IV, a pioneer in open-source autonomous driving (AD) technology, announces the launch of L4 V&V, a comprehensive evaluation toolkit for verifying and validating Level 4 AD functions. This toolkit includes a scenario set, a dataset, testing tools, and a comprehensive V&V process, all based on TIER IV’s achievement of obtaining Level 4 certification on October 20, 2023.

By offering design, simulation, and on-site testing support for safety evaluations, this toolkit enables partners to support autonomous vehicle manufacturers, local governments, operators, and evaluation institutions. Amid the rapid advancement of AD technology, there is a pressing need for experts and companies to support safety evaluations. With this toolkit, TIER IV will contribute to accelerating the implementation of autonomous driving in society.

“For nearly 40 years, VeriServe has helped more than 1,100 companies improve the quality of products with embedded software and information systems.” said Yoshiyuki Shinbori, Chief Executive Officer of VeriServe Corporation. “By combining TIER IV’s L4 V&V and our verification experience, as well as testing technologies utilizing our know-how, we believe we can support our customers with their autonomous driving vehicle development and evaluation for Level 4 autonomous driving approval.”

“While the government and companies are working together to create standards for Level 4 autonomous driving, there are still issues regarding how to evaluate and verify whether autonomous driving systems meet these standards,” said Minoru Kamata, Executive Director of Japan Automobile Research Institute (JARI). “I believe that launching testing tools and datasets to solve these issues and making them available to third parties is an essential initiative for the implementation of Level 4 autonomous driving in society. Starting with TIER IV’s L4 V&V, I look forward to the improvement and advancement of evaluation and verification of autonomous driving in the future.”


TIER IV, the creator of Autoware, the world’s first and widely acclaimed open-source autonomous driving (AD) software, is at the forefront of the research and development of AD technology. The company provides cutting-edge technology solutions, including software and hardware across multiple platforms, that enable the safe and efficient development of autonomous driving. TIER IV is committed to the societal implementation of AD technology, driven by their vision of “the art of open source – reimagine intelligent vehicles.”

As a founding member of the Autoware Foundation (AWF), TIER IV leverages Autoware’s capabilities and collaborates with partners worldwide. Through the ecosystem powered by Autoware, the company aims to expand the potential of AD technology, involving individuals, organizations, and all stakeholders, as they strive for the realization of a better society.

Autoware is a registered trademark of the Autoware Foundation.

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