TidetronBioworks Illuminated in Global Spotlight at WFF 2023 for Sustainable Power

ROME, Oct. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The World Food Forum (WFF) 2023, a global platform dedicated to addressing the challenges of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and better food future, convened its flagship event, featuring an influential private session “Unleashing Private-Sector Power: New Pathways to Sustainable Innovation.” Among the distinguished panelists was Zhiqian Zhang, CEO of TidetronBioworks, whose inspiring story and innovative approach to sustainable development took center stage during the session.

Zhiqian Zhang, (positioned as the third person from the left on stage), the CEO and co-founder of Tidetron Bioworks, engages in discussions with panelists at the WFF flagship event.

In a candid and enlightening discussion, Zhiqian, shared his entrepreneurial journey and the evolution of TidetronBioworks, a leading synthetic biology technology company focused on revolutionizing sustainable platforms and production. Visioning a future where technology innovation shapes a better planet, Zhiqian discussed the company’s commitment to cutting-edge platforms, including integrating synbio technology and artificial intelligence, to create innovative solutions for global sustainable development.

During the session, Zhiqian highlighted TidetronBioworks’ groundbreaking initiatives, emphasizing the dedication to eco-friendly practices and production methods. His passionate advocacy for sustainable solutions and pioneering efforts in the field struck a chord with the attendees with the attendees. “Tidetron’s synbio production process is characterized by low energy consumption, low pollution, and low carbon emissions, significantly reducing environmental impact compared to traditional chemical processes and now influencing millions of people,” Zhiqian said.

“At Tidetron, we gather young scientists who bring new ways of thinking and familiarity with emerging syn-bio technologies. We encourage their involvement in innovative projects and recognize their crucial role in driving technological innovation. Their creativity and enthusiasm positively impact our sustainable development goals,” Zhiqian stressed. “I believe that young people can establish their own businesses with a focus on addressing social and environmental challenges and finally change the world, such as Tidetron. At Tidetron, we encourage young people to embrace an entrepreneurial spirit, to be daring in trying new ideas and methods. We possess strong adaptability and flexibility, enabling us to adjust strategies and respond to market changes quickly.”

The senior vice president and head of global public policy of PepsiCo, Darci Vetter, along with other renowned entrepreneurs and scholars, attended this session.

About Tidetron Bioworks

Tidetron Bioworks is a pioneering synthetic biology manufacturing platform recognized globally as one of the first to achieve large-scale production of multiple substances. As a platform-based company, Tidetron redefined “biological manufacturing” by emphasizing commercial value while maintaining a green and flexible approach and now influencing millions of people.