TIANLI International: Innovator and Leader in China’s Private Basic Education

HONG KONG, Jan. 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — TIANLI International holdings limited [01773.HK], as a leading education group in China, was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2018. Since founding its first school in 2002, after 22 years of high-quality development, its influence in China’s education sector and its potential in the global education field have continuously become more prominent. As an innovator and pioneer in China’s private basic education industry, TIANLI International has not only shown a trend of rapid growth but is also considered by the industry to be an education brand with high growth expectations.

Since its establishment, TIANLI International has been committed to providing high-quality educational services. The business scale of TIANLI International expanded rapidly after its listing, now covering over half of the provincial-level regions in China, including Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong, Sichuan, etc, serving over 100,000 students and operating around 60 high-quality schools. TIANLI International, with for-profit high schools as its main business, has seen the number of high school students within its network grow rapidly from 11,200 three years ago to about 37,000 now, trebling in number over three years. Meanwhile, TIANLI students have also performed outstandingly in China’s college entrance examination and academic competitions. The continuous growth reflects the forward-looking nature of TIANLI International’s development strategy and its steady commitment to resource investment.

In terms of business segments, TIANLI International continually innovates and expands. In addition to its core for-profit high school business, the company also provides TIANLICULUM, integrated logistics, and smart education cloud platforms, among other value-added services related to education, receiving positive market feedback. These diversified business structures not only reflect TIANLI International’s market acumen but also its profound insights into the future development trends of the education industry.

In terms of industry status, TIANLI International is considered one of the leading companies in China’s education industry. With its advanced educational philosophy, high-quality and unique curriculum system, and focus on the comprehensive development of students, through continuous and positive feedback from teachers, students, and parents, TIANLI International is setting new benchmarks in the global education field.

As TIANLI International continues to advance into China’s top-tier cities and the international stage, the company has positive and stable growth expectations. Its deep cultivation in the field of education and firm investment in the future indicate that TIANLI International will continue to lead the industry as one of the representative brands of Chinese education.

About TIANLI International:

Founded in 2002, TIANLI International is a leading education group in China, headquartered in Hong Kong and Chengdu, China. Since its listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the company has achieved significant growth and has now become a leading education brand in China in terms of scale and quality, providing high-quality and diversified educational services to Chinese students. The founder, chairman, and president of TIANLI International is Dr. LUO Shi.