Tiangang AI Trading Platform Officially Launches and Joins Hands with Frost & Sullivan to Release White Paper on Artificial Intelligence Computility Industry

SHANGHAI, July 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The first ” Forum on the Development of Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Computing ” organized by Tiangang AI was grandly held in Shanghai on July 3, 2024. At this forum, the brand new computility model product, Tiangang AI Trading Platform, announced its full-scale entry into intelligent computility market.

On the day of the conference, Tiangang AI in collaboration with the globally leading market research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan (hereinafter referred to as Sullivan), jointly released the “2024 China Intelligent Computility Market White Paper” (hereinafter referred to as the White Paper), which brought another climax to the forum. This was the first time that Sullivan has ventured into the computility industry to release a white paper on China’s intelligent computility market.

The white paper, with 2023 as the baseline year, reviews the historical data since 2019 and makes in-depth forecasts on market trends until 2028. Moreover, it not only conducts a detailed analysis of the current status, application prospects, and technological dynamics of China’s intelligent computility market, but also deeply explores the competitive landscape of the market. At the same time, the white paper also provides a comprehensive dissection of the industrial chain structure of the intelligent computility market, including upstream such as algorithms, computility, and technical architecture, midstream such as participant types, as well as downstream business scenarios and industry application fields such as finance, healthcare, education, government affairs, transportation, industry, retail, e-commerce, and entertainment.

According to incomplete statistics, the global AI computility market is experiencing explosive growth, and is expected to reach USD34.6 billion by 2026, a significant expansion from the USD19.5 billion in 2022. Meanwhile, the generative AI market size is projected to be USD10.99 billion, which is a 13-fold increase from the USD820 million in 2022.

Focusing on the supply of intelligent computility, in addition to the traditional cloud computing and edge computing models, innovative models such as AI-specific intelligent computing centers, high-performance computing (HPC) services, and AI as a Service (AIaaS) have emerged. Meanwhile, the AI industry also faces practical challenges in the aspect of intelligent computility, including market supply and demand mismatch, uneven distribution of resources, underutilization of resources, and high power costs.

Yang Xuying, the founder of Tiangang AI, said that AI is rapidly rising globally, and computility has a fundamental role in accelerating the landing of big models in the industry and empowering the intelligent upgrade of thousands of industries, which has become a core element affecting the development of digital economy. Corpize Group has the world’s outstanding scientific research team of data mining and machine learning algorithms, and Tiangang AI Trading Platform is the professional AI intelligent computility trading platform under Corpize Group, which is committed to grasping the trends and laws of digital economy development and promoting the healthy development of digital economy.

Hao Jingshun, the co-founder of Tiangang AI, former technology executive of Alibaba Group and chief architect of B2B Business Group, unveiled the innovative intelligent computility solution, the Tiangang AI Trading Platform. Hao Jingshun has over 25 years of experience in product development and technology management, with in-depth research and practical experience in communications, cloud computing, Internet, digital government and other key technology areas. According to reports, Tiangang AI builds a global GPU computility trading platform to provide high-performance AI computility procurement services for enterprises and teams, so that they can be connected, taken, and used immediately. Tiangang AI has established the Tiangang Alliance ecosystem, which can form large-scale industry ecosystem models for different application scenarios and business processes. The company constructs industry-specific solution, bringing users stable and convenient intelligent computing, professional and high-quality services, and a customer-centric experience.

Tiangang AI supports flexible application and distribution of multiple types of computing resources, and can provide high-performance and high-reliability computing services with the help of different scheduling algorithms for multiple computing resources, and ensure system availability with the help of multi-node collaboration. The intelligent model obtained through pre-training mode, large-scale data sets and complex algorithm training can customize intelligent solutions for corporate customers in different industries.

The theme of this forum is “Intelligent Era, Intelligent Computing Interconnection”. At the forum, experts from multiple industries such as AI, the Internet of Things, and healthcare discussed the latest developments and hot topics in the field of computility technology through keynote speeches and round-table discussions, such as the future development of AI, optimal matching of intelligent computing resources, technical bottlenecks and breakthroughs, intelligent computing cost optimization, data security, etc., comprehensively covering the latest research results and practical experience in the field of AI.

During the same period, the Tiangang AI Trading Platform made its debut at the 2024 WAIC World Artificial Intelligence Conference held at the Shanghai World Expo Center from July 4 to 6 (booth number H1-B635), and demonstrated on site the innovative applications of intelligent computility technology in AI, the Internet of Things, biotechnology and other fields.