Thundercomm unveils unparalleled set of AI video conferencing solutions for the premium collaboration experience at CES2024

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Thundercomm, a world leading IoT product and solution provider, is thrilled to launch its highly anticipated set of video collaboration solutions at CES2024. This comprehensive set of solutions is designed to enhance the experience and efficiency of the way businesses connect and collaborate.

At the heart of this unparalleled set of video conferencing solutions is the all-in-one video bar based on the Qualcomm® Video Collaboration VC5 Platform, it’s equipped with four cameras implementation – a remarkable and unique feature in the industry. This innovative solution allows users to enjoy a premium and immersive video conferencing experience. With crystal-clear visual and exceptional audio quality, participants can truly engage in productive and meaningful meetings. Besides that, the all-in-one video bar solution harnesses the power of advanced AI algorithms, including voice tracking, auto framing, etc. to enhance meeting efficiency.

Complementing the all-in-one video bar is the versatile tablet controller solution, which is powered by the Qualcomm Video Collaboration VC3 Platform. Designed to provide convenience and flexibility, the tablet controller seamlessly connects to video bars, external cameras, speakers, and monitors. This intuitive device empowers users with complete control over their video collaboration setup, allowing them to effortlessly manage and customize their meeting settings.

To address the efficiency collaboration for hybrid working, Thundercomm introduces the 360-degree AI camera integrating the Qualcomm Video Collaboration VC3 Platform. Featuring four high-quality 4K cameras and six AI voice-tracking microphones. With its comprehensive coverage and intelligent voice tracking capabilities, remote participants can feel fully engaged and connected, regardless of their physical location.

With the powerful video collaboration platforms from Qualcomm Technologies and Rubik large language model services, the optimized model can now be deployed on video collaboration device locally with super-low latency and enhanced security. Video conference devices can understand the meaning of each speech, then generate meeting minutes and action items of high quality. Besides, it can also help to provide customized answer based on the understanding of the context.

 “We are very excited to introduce our complete video collaboration solutions at CES2024,” said Pier Zhang, vice president at Thundercomm. “This comprehensive solution represents a significant leap forward in the industry. All our video collaboration solutions are natively generative AI enabled, which will accelerate the innovation of our customers in defining next generation video bars and 360 AI cameras. As the video conferencing market is forecasted a steady increase in the following years, we believe that this set of video conferencing solutions will boost the productivity of businesses by connecting teams to collaborate effortlessly.”

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