ThroughPut Inc. Launches New AI-powered Multidimensional Customer Segmentation Capabilities for Accelerated Supply Chain Profitability

AI-driven Supply Chain Customer Segmentation Capabilities to Enable Businesses to Effectively Maximize Revenue, Prioritize Order Fulfillment, Improve Customer Satisfaction and Enhance Share of Wallet

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ThroughPut Inc., the Industrial AI Supply Chain pioneer, today announced the addition of powerful customer segmentation capabilities aimed at helping its customers plan, manage, and fulfill demand more effectively.

Currently, businesses largely segment customers based solely on a single variable, such as volume or sales, and only on an annual basis. As a result, they not only do not have a current and an in-depth understanding of their customers, they also lose out on considerable sales opportunities and market share. ThroughPut’s Customer Segmentation capabilities allows companies to systematically examine individual customer contributions to overall revenue to rapidly identify the highest and lowest performers based on an AI-powered analysis of several factors defined by the business during the setup. This helps achieve a multidimensional segmentation of customers.

ThroughPut enables businesses to adopt a real-time, holistic, and relevant strategy to analyzing customer data – current and historical, both – to accurately predict buyer behavior and relationship health. This helps businesses better allocate precious resources in the most effective and efficient manner to drive incremental business growth, making it possible for them to survive and thrive in a progressively hostile market.

“Current solutions in the market perform customer segmentation at marketing efforts to optimize customer reach and journeys but there is no solution in the market at present that enables you to dynamically analyze your customers based on supply chain complexity and operational constraints. At ThroughPut, we believe that without accounting for these factors, you end up with a very myopic customer understanding that does not foster meaningful relationship and business growth,” explained Genevieve Shattow, Head of Analytics of ThroughPut Inc. “With our AI-powered customer segmentation capabilities, you can identify the customers that are unprofitable and profitable, and which ones have the potential to drive more revenue if prioritized and managed effectively. This in turn helps create a sustainable competitive advantage in the market, which is key to attracting, retaining, and growing customers,” she said. 

“The best part of our customer segmentation capabilities is that it’s not static – it’s built to identify and highlight segment shifts over time,” said Bhaskar Ballapragda, CTO of ThroughPut Inc. “This helps businesses visualize how their customer relationships have grown – or not – over the period of a year, as we recommend periodic evaluations,” he explained.

Analyzing Customer Segments – and their Growth: The ThroughPut platform highlights segment shifts over time. It connects a customer’s current segment to their segment a quarter prior, as well as a year prior. It also highlights the top customers in terms of sales. This helps businesses to:

Visualize whether a customer relationship is growing well, stagnating, or declining Identify new opportunities for growth

Dynamic order prioritization to accelerate time to value: Since businesses can see all their customers in a single, centralized location, (broken down by service or commodity), they can:

Identify orders and customers that need to be prioritized  Rank and segment customers based on 360° scorecards, which take into account several KPIs such as number of orders, total sales volume, and purchase frequency Segregate customers into tiers and develop tailored promotions designed to motivate a shift into higher tiers

Maximize Customer lifetime value: The ThroughPut platform empowers businesses with granular visibility into the values and timelines of each customer relationship. It clearly displays the timelines of various KPIs, including Multi-dimensional Segmentation by Demand/Sales/Contribution Margin, Commodity/Service/Location Distribution and On-Time-In-Full (OTIF) deliveries.

ThroughPut empowers leading businesses across the globe to plan for and manage demand effectively via multi-dimensional customer segmentation and prioritization, demand-driven capacity management, bottleneck management, and intelligent pricing. As the company works to stabilize supply chains across the globe, it continues to help businesses meet and exceed customer expectations, all the while effectively managing and optimizing operational capacity, working capital, and customer experience – thus setting a solid foundation for continued growth.

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ThroughPut Inc., is a Silicon Valley-based Supply Chain AI leader that puts Industrial material flow on Autopilot by leveraging existing Enterprise Data to achieve superior Business, Operations, Financial and Sustainability Results. ThroughPut’s AI-powered Supply Chain software predicts Demand, reorients Production Capacity, reassigns Warehouse Space, and reorders materials optimally, so businesses minimize overpromising and under-delivering, and maximize for their desired outcomes. ThroughPut improves material flow and free-cash-flow across the entire end-to-end value chain far faster than leading contemporary and legacy solutions. The founding team is led by seasoned serial entrepreneurs with real-world AI, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Transportation and Operational experience, from the shop-floor to the top-floor, at leading Fortune 500 Industrial Companies & pioneering Enterprise Technology companies.

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