SKU Rationalization is Now Available on IndustryApps Store

The SKU Rationalization solution optimizes product mix to rapidly and continuously accelerate free cash flow, as well as margins to enable an undeniably significant, positive impact on the bottom line.

PALO ALTO, Calif., Aug. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ThroughPut Inc., the industrial AI supply chain pioneer, today announced that its SKU Rationalization solution is now available on the IndustryApps Store, the world’s first-of-its-kind open marketplace for Industry 4.0 solutions.

The SKU Rationalization solution empowers businesses to proactively manage market uncertainty and demand variance while minimizing supply chain risk in times when supply chains are unravelling at an alarming pace. Throughput’s AI-powered SKU Rationalization solution enables companies to rapidly sense demand shifts triggered by both planned, as well as “unplanned events”, such as seasonal trends, market disruptions, and other external factors so that they can precisely predict and plan for near-term demand and set realistic goals based on existing capacity.

IndustryApps primarily focuses on digitalization and automation solutions aimed at empowering industrial organizations to boost productivity, accuracy, and efficiency and reimagine their operations, effectiveness, bottom lines, and carbon footprint. It extends an array of globally certified plug-and-play apps that have been tested and curated by industrial experts and enables businesses to modularly build capabilities as they look to scale and grow. SKU Rationalization enables businesses to make incremental improvements aimed at accelerating supply chain agility while growing free cash flow. In essence, helps companies to:

Sense Demand and regulate Demand Variance by sensing shifts in factors that influence demand and precisely forecasting it for the near-term to enable more effective demand planning. Businesses can also drill down to their demand by region, fulfillment center, SKU, On-Time In-Full (OTIF) deliveries, and lost opportunities, to name a few parameters. Optimize Product Mix to maximize Margins by analyzing holistic data to expose correlations across the many influencers of demand, while leveraging the resulting real-time demand predictions to intelligently inform production and inventory all the way down to the SKU and Location levels. Enhance Free Cash Flow by optimizing end-to-end supply chain operations based on SKU, product, and portfolio mixes across functions, processes, and teams.

“ThroughPut is proud to partner with IndustryApps as we continue to extend our powerful capabilities to businesses and organizations, both large and small, across the globe that need to finally overcome the challenges of the new normal: market disruptions, economic fragility, and resource volatility. Businesses and organizations with complex supply chains more than ever need to deal with such factors while keeping prices competitive, customers pleased, and margins profitable. This means having granular visibility into, and actionability for, control of supply chain operations at the SKU and location levels, to maximize the mileage of available resources and capacity, while boosting profitability and driving customer satisfaction,” said Seth Page, COO and Head of Strategic Partnerships of ThroughPut Inc. “Our goal is to help businesses accelerate material and free cash flow while achieving the best possible supply chain optimization results using the most powerful AI-enabled tools today so that they can become the innovative leaders of tomorrow,” he added.

“IndustryApps was founded by a team of supply chain and manufacturing specialists with the vision of transforming the manufacturing paradigm in the product value chain. Digitalization and automation are game changers when it comes to transcending the modern-day challenges of market volatility, political uncertainty, and financial vulnerability. We are excited to partner with a company like that shares our vision and works relentlessly toward helping customers gain the much-needed stability to not only function viably in increasingly hostile market conditions but also scale and grow,” said Sandeep Sreekumar, Co-Founder and COO of IndustryApps.

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IndustryApps offers the world’s first end-to-end industrial Dataspace and Industry 4.0 solutions ecosystem, empowering businesses through seamless digital transformation. The unique approach utilizes cutting-edge technologies such as Dataspaces and dynamic Digital Twins, ensuring comprehensive visibility, control, and traceability across the value chain. In addition their AppStore offers plug-and-play Smart Factory solutions, including AI-powered predictive maintenance. With open Industry 4.0 standards, they future-proof businesses while optimizing performance across all areas, from planning to strategic management.

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About ThroughPut Inc is a Silicon Valley-based Supply Chain AI leader that puts Industrial material flow on Autopilot by leveraging existing Enterprise Data to achieve superior Business, Operations, Financial and Sustainability Results. ThroughPut’s AI-powered Supply Chain software predicts Demand, reorients Production Capacity, reassigns Warehouse Space, and reorders materials optimally, so businesses minimize overpromising and under-delivering, and maximize for their desired outcomes. ThroughPut improves material flow and free-cash-flow across the entire end-to-end value chain far faster than leading contemporary and legacy solutions. The founding team is led by seasoned serial entrepreneurs with real-world AI, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Transportation and Operational experience, from the shop-floor to the top-floor, at leading Fortune 500 Industrial Companies & pioneering Enterprise Technology companies.

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