Three New Articles Presenting Japanese Research Universities, Partnership with Africa and Autumnal Scenes: Japanese Government’s Official E-magazine “KIZUNA”

TOKYO, Oct. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Government of Japan publishes new articles every month in an official e-magazine, “KIZUNA.” This month, the president of Keio University, one of Japan’s top private schools, and the promising young CEO of an AI startup discuss the role of world-class research universities in innovation, rural revitalization, and more. Other articles are about an international conference on Africa’s development and on splendid and tasty autumn in Japan.



Research Universities Seek to be Competitive and Collaborative The president of Keio University and a promising CEO of an AI startup discuss what it takes to be a world-class research university.

Fostering a Sustainable Japan-Africa Partnership

At TICAD 8 in Tunisia, Japan announced that it will invest $30 billion to support Africa’s development.

Colors and Savors of Autumn Reflect Japan

Autumn’s colors of graceful Himeji Castle and the mysterious Goshikinuma ponds are set off by the savor of fleshy oysters.

About “KIZUNA”

Kizuna means the enduring bonds between people — close relationships forged through mutual trust and support. The kizuna cultivated among countries of the world has the power to deepen cooperation for a better future. By reporting on a wide variety of topics concerning Japan, “KIZUNA” hopes that this publication will provide opportunities for Japan and the rest of the world to connect and build strong kizuna.