Thoughtworks XConf China 2023: Unleashing the Transformative Power of Generative AI

The conference brought together technologists and business executives to explore ground-breaking solutions that can address the evolving needs of businesses in Hong Kong and mainland China

HONG KONG, Aug. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Thoughtworks (NASDAQ: TWKS), a global technology consultancy that integrates strategy, design and engineering, announced today that its first-ever XConf China in Hong Kong has successfully concluded on August 25, 2023. Under the theme “How generative AI could shape your business and technology landscape”, the event attracted more than a hundred industry leaders. Participants from various sectors, including banking, insurance and healthcare, delved into the intricacies of generative AI and how organizations can harness its power to gain a competitive edge, adapt to cultural shifts and expand innovation opportunities beyond coding.

Thoughtworks XConf China 2023

XConf is the flagship technology conference of Thoughtworks that is held annually in different regions around the world, which gathers technologists to explore the latest software innovations that can transform the future of business, while fostering a culture of connection and engagement through experience sharing and knowledge exchange. The conference gathered Thoughtworks’ esteemed technologists from around the world to share their global practical experience and unique insights with attendees through a series of engaging presentations.

Rachel Laycock, Chief Technology Officer, Thoughtworks, who flew in from the US to commemorate the inaugural event, said: “In the era of generative AI, leveraging technology effectively will enhance productivity and enable software developers to work more efficiently. Based on our practical experience, if developers can alleviate the burden of repetitive coding tasks through generative AI, they can focus more on solving other challenging technical issues. In fact, generative AI has the tremendous potential to improve coding efficiency by 20-50%. However, merely applying these technologies to coding will leave you lagging behind competitors. You need to think more broadly and holistically to achieve real benefits.”

Andy Nolan, Director of Emerging Technologies, Thoughtworks, who gave a presentation about the use of generative AI in the workplace, said: “It’s essential for organizations to acknowledge the risks of incorporating AI into work processes and operations. A lack of security would cause a leak of confidential information and IP, and  organizations would eventually face reputational risks. Organizations need to think about the risks of moving too fast, the risks of moving too slow and how they operate within that spectrum.” Andy added: “From executives, general managers to practitioners, we need to get everyone up to speed and work through the organization. Think of this as an organizational transformation.”

Xiao Ran,General Manager of Thoughtworks China, said: “AI 2.0 is characterized by stronger reasoning capabilities, more efficient algorithms and more diverse modalities. With AI 2.0, financial institutions can achieve ‘Super Personalization’, a truly customer-focused approach, where better customer insight, smarter investment advice and more accurate risk control prevention could be delivered. Executives must possess the ability to review and adjust their strategies at a faster pace, continuously fine-tuning them. After all, AI solutions are designed for people, and we believe a multidisciplinary team that comprises domain and technical expertise as well as human focus, will enable organizations to get the most value of out of them.”

Moderated by Wang Rujia, Head of Thoughtworks Global Customer Experience and Product Design, XConf hosted a roundtable discussion with the theme “Expanding opportunities – The fusion of generative AI, product and design”. Four distinguished guests were invited to participate in the discussion on generative artificial intelligence, including Stephanie Tong, Director, Global Wealth Management User Research & Service Design, Credit Suisse; Wanda Wong, Senior Director, Supply Chain Technology APAC, Estée Lauder; Chen Hailiang, Director, Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, University of Hong Kong; and Willie Vu, Head of Enterprise Solutions Architecture, Amazon Web Services (AWS). The roundtable discussion delved into the fascinating realm of generative AI and its impact on product design and business models. With panelists spread across different sectors, each discussed how their respective industry is leveraging generative AI – either by incorporating it into their core product or using it in the process of innovating new products – to find new growth opportunities.

Thoughtworks is committed to providing enterprises with digital transformation consulting and high-end custom software development services and will continue to take a forward-looking perspective. Combining deep insights into users, extensive digital experience and a collaborative mindset, Thoughtworks aims to assist more customers in navigating the changing trends together, breaking new ground and embarking on the path of innovation in the digital era.

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