This Spring Festival: About Family Gathering

BEIJING, Jan. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A news report from on the 2023 Spring Festival:


This year’s Spring Festival in China will fall on January 22nd. The Spring Festival can be considered the most important festival for the Chinese. It is not only a time for people to get together with their family, but also to wave goodbye to the past year and greet a new year. Each year around the Spring Festival holiday, high traffic loads will appear.

But the situation was different for the past two years, since COVID-19 disturbs the original pace of people’s life, and a lot of people chose not to go back to their hometowns to echo the COVID response measures and avoid infection. As the virus becomes less lethal, China optimizes its response mechanism. Therefore, in 2023, most people are picking up their Spring Festival routine. As estimated, over 2 billion trips are expected during the Spring Festival travel rush.

Moreover, a lot of people are spending their Spring Festival holiday traveling in China or even traveling abroad. Direct flights to China have also been resuming, enabling more oversea Chinese to go back to their hometown for the holiday.

According to Chinese zodiac, the Spring Festival 2023 will start the Year of Rabbit. Rabbit-themed products have grown popular among the Chinese people. Welcoming the Year of Rabbit spurs people to spend more, which marks a good start for the economy as well as social life. Hopefully, these aspects will also become more active just like a hopping rabbit.

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This Spring Festival: About Family Gathering