THIRDREALITY Launches their Smart Plug Gen2 and Smart Zigbee Hub Gen2

SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Third Reality, Inc, an innovative smart home company, announce Smart Plug Gen2 with power meter measuring after its widely welcomed early version.

Mr. John plans to install solar panels in his home to save electricity bills. With six smart plugs installed at home, he has a clear picture about his home electricity usage. Therefore, he quickly comes up with a solar solution for his home. For people who often have business trips or rent houses to others, THIRDREALITY Smart Plug can help you monitor the energy consumption, to save energy, and to eliminate potential risks. When an electronics device is connected to THIRDREALITY smart plug, any irregular power usage can be promptly spotted. For example, when a refrigerator is connected to the Smart Plug, and the energy consumption is higher than usual could mean that the refrigerator door is not properly closed.

Meanwhile, Third Reality, Inc also released Smart Zigbee Hub Gen 2 which support up to 32 THIRDREALITY smart devices. The small, compact new Hub adopts USB-A connector so that it can plug into any USB-A device. Third Reality Smart Zigbee Hub Gen 2 is compatible with Alexa and Google via enabling Third Reality skills in the corresponding app.

Both THIRDREALITY smart plug Gen2 and Smart Zigbee hub Gen2 are available at Third Reality’s Amazon store,

About Third Reality, Inc

Third Reality, Inc. is an innovative smart home products company which committees to deliver the top quality, user-friendly products. Third Reality products covers wide a range of smart home devices (e.g. smart sensors, switches, controllers, hubs etc.).  For more information and products about THIRDREALITY, you can visit the official website at:

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