The World’s Leading Projector Brand AURZEN Debuts Its First Intelligent Projector AURZEN Boom with Dolby Audio at Channel Summit EMEA 2023

Experience the power of sound and vision with Boom: Empowered by Dolby Audio, intelligent VanOS, and innovative automation – ‘Your Private Cinema: Sound Visible, Vision Amplified’

BELTSVILLE, Md., May 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — AURZEN, a world-leading projector brand that boasts innovative technologies and cutting-edge design,will unveil its latest all-in-one integrated projection solution AURZEN Boom at Channel Summit EMEA 2023 which will open on May 15 in Monaco. By leveraging AURZEN’s sound design technology, which the brand has developed over three years, AURZEN Boom is equipped with the VanOS and a professional FHD automatic module, making it a game-changer in the intelligent projector market.

AURZEN Boom, Your Private Cinema: Sound Visible, Vision Amplified

As the global projector market expands rapidly following the growing trends of digitalization, intelligent transformation, and visualization, it’s projected to reach a 7.4 percent compound annual growth rate between 2023 and 2030.

The key of the intelligent projection market is still focusing on improving product performance and promoting the intelligent technologies, integration, experience, multi-scenario diversity, and sustainability through product innovation.

The AURZEN team is seizing the opportunities, partnering with Dolby and the most influential streaming platforms worldwide to create the breakthrough product AURZEN Boom that’s destined to be a black horse in the market.

AURZEN Boom, Your Private Cinema: Sound Visible, Vision Amplified

Boom is an ideal solution for ultimate home cinema projection that highlights visible sound as well as an intelligent and automated core experience that will satisfy customers’ upgraded demands for high-quality and reliable projectors that deliver excellent performance.

Infinite, Surrounding, and Striking with Dolby Audio: officially authorized by Dolby, the sound system of Boom features bidirectional Bluetooth 5.1 with six audible units, total 34W speakers (two 7W full-range speakers and two 10W treble speakers), and two bass vibration units to deliver a sound experience of clear sound layers with a sense of space.

The all-in-one 3D surround sound chamber delivers crisp treble and rich low pitch (low frequency down to 50Hz), where sound vibrations are “visible”. The projector can be used as a standalone Bluetooth speaker, which is also supported by high-efficiency and intelligent cooling system that operates smoothly while reducing noise. Additionally, Advanced MPPQ engine delivers exceptional vivid image with FHD resolution, 450 ANSI Lumens, and 300-inch super screen projection.

As the latest integrated projection solution, AURZEN Boom will bring an immersive experience with theater-level perspectives and astonishing sound effects.

New VanOS Intelligent Content System with Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube: Boom is built in with authorized streaming services and supports the streaming giants Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Plex, Vevo and more. It can connect with multiple external devices with two HDMI, two USB and one audio port, and is coupled with wireless display and dual-frequency Wi-Fi of 2.4G+5G.

Innovative Automation, Breakthrough Chip Technology and Elegant Design: The automation module of Boom supports professional non-inductive autofocus – powered by precise laser sensors, AURZEN’s self-developed AI focus algorithm, 6D automatic keystone correction, automatic screen alignment, automatic obstacle avoidance and more that makes the viewing experience much simpler for the users.

The Boom projector is equipped with the MTK 9 series chip and multi-core CPU to guarantee fluent transmission without any delay. It also features an innovative design that’s patented with a magnetic mask that complements modern home décor styles, plus remote control for more convenient access.

Boom also features sustainability designs, its light source life of up to 30,000 hours means no future need to replace the component, and it reduces blue light to better protect the vision without reducing image quality.

The debut of Boom intelligent projector with Dolby Audio showcases AURZEN’s leading advantages in the innovative R&D of video and audio technologies that boast tremendous potential.

AURZEN Boom will be launched in the US market in August at the price of USD 399. Starting in June, AURZEN will recruit 100 Chief Experience Officers globally to test new products, aiming to continuously improve this next-generation Dolby audio smart projector based on user feedback. AURZEN welcomes home cinema enthusiasts, media editors, social media influencers, and tech enthusiasts to reach us at [email protected] to participate in product reviews and share experiences.

AURZEN Boom is benchmarking the new standards of technological innovation for the projector industry, and the company thrives to be the game changer in smart projection market that always pursues innovation and better serves customers.


AURZEN, inspired by the goddess of Aurora, combines “Aurora” and “Zen” to represent limitless audio and video, intelligent technology, and future innovation for a balanced connection between reality and the future.

AURZEN is born out of the endless pursuit of creating a limitless audiovisual experience. Like the ancient Chinese shadow play and the Western kaleidoscope, humans have never stopped exploring the world of sight and sound. With the advent of modern technology, AURZEN has refined its spectrum display technology and sound surround algorithms, breaking through technical barriers to create a range of home projectors and laser cinema that satisfy various environmental needs.

As we strive for bigger and more immersive audiovisual experiences, AURZEN understands the importance of having no boundaries when it comes to vision, sound, and size. Through technological iteration, we will break down the boundaries between sight and sound, allowing us to enjoy our favorite images wherever we go while lying in the living room or bedroom, or while walking through the rainforest or desert. The boundlessness of visual and audio is our mission. With AURZEN, we can enjoy one life and live in the moment. AURZEN one life, enjoy now live.