The world’s first Digital Economy Empowerment Platform is born.

We are humbled to announce that in September 2022 we are introducing to the web 2.0 & web 5.0 worlds.

Our immediate focus is to execute on enabling global digital monetization for all.

PLANO, Texas, Sept. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — For numerous reasons based on publicly available statistics, most digital value production is concentrated, exported and monetized by a handful of sovereigns. Even though access has improved to unlock the rest of the world’s digital potential, it has not happened.

Getting access and exchanging value is still a thing of complex wonder with many layers and 3rd parties involved. This makes being part of the digital economy inefficient and expensive for 1.4 Billion+ people. Grafting them into existing communications and payments networks has not added much value no matter how many layers of abstractions and UI skins are developed. In the last two decades technology has since emerged to make it possible to create solutions that remove limitations to enabling the digitization of many communities. 

Qrios have never fit into existing categorizations of a Fintech provider even though we process over 6 million digital online financial transactions daily. Neither have we fit into the Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) provider category despite the billions of messaging signaling units we carry monthly.

So, we created our own provider category; the Digital Economy Empowerment Platform (DEEP) provider.

Qrios is Frontier market focused as many platforms do not cater to these countries.  They remain ignorant of opportunities and how to generate and transfer digital value globally.

We learn the historical variations and why these markets don’t just adopt existing global standards or models. We understand why identity certainty is generally still elusive in some of them. We understand how these markets use of technology is evolving differently.

We are designing from the ground up for them; we cater needs in their most remote locations giving them seats at the global digital table.

Qrios is a technology company building digital utilities for global trade of everything. We are rethinking and executing on how digital infrastructure is designed. We are crafting easy to use interfaces for locating, extracting and exploiting value to economically benefit all people.

We are intentionally building bridges between on & offline digital lands and solving for identity, communication, retail, corporates, Internet, audio, video, digital commerce and art for multiple ethnicities.

Media Contact: Marie Kinti, [email protected]