The virtual human “Qi Xiaomo” appeared in Wuhan, ushering in a new era of the naked-eye 3D display Metaverse

SHENZHEN, China, Oct. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — During the Chinese National Day holiday, “Qi Xiaomo”, the first naked-eye 3D virtual human character created by Wuhan Windows Century Media Technology and Unilumin, appeared in Hanyang district of Wuhan City.

Unilumin had applied integrated particle fluid system and self-developed dynamic capture technology (UAction system) to complete the whole process from character setting, image creation, storyboard design, to three-dimensional production and rendering synthesis, successfully making an amazing appearance of “Qi Xiaomo”. Named after the cultural connotation of “Qiyu”, she is the first naked-eye 3D Metaverse virtual human character in China. As an ambassador of brand marketing and local culture spreading, “Qi Xiaomo” has great potential to promote the surrounding commercial development.

As the largest naked-eye 3D display in the whole region of Central China, “The Eyes of the Three Towns” has successfully become a new landmark in the business district. So far, the topic of it has soared in popularity on microblog and other platforms. Dozens of bloggers have uploaded relevant videos that were viewed tens of millions of times.

“We want to build a social, stylish and luxurious place in Hanyang District.” The chairman of Wuhan Hanyang Investment and Development Group said that the naked-eye 3D display (Unilumin LED commercial display UfixII) could provide the traditional business district with a full sense of technology.

Nowadays, with the popularity of the Metaverse, the image production and promotion of digital virtual human has become a trend of the industry. The industry of digital Metaverse is expected to have a market scale of more than 270 billion yuan by 2030.

With the launch of the adorable cat and the girl “Qi Xiaomo”,  Unilumin will continue to expand the “digital virtual human Metaverse family” through continuously upgrading the technology of digital virtual human. In the future, Unilumin will present more wonderful visual effects, and deliver a fresh and intelligent way of life to the public.

Founded in 2004, Unilumin Group Co., Ltd was listed on the ShenZhen Stock Exchange in 2011. Unilumin has established R&D centers in China, Japan and the United States, expanding its sales and service networks to more than 160 countries around the world.